Turkey Hosts This Year Few tourists? Which Cities Did the Most Tourists Come?

nearly million monthly visitors entertained turkey
nearly million monthly visitors entertained turkey

The world area under the influence of coronavirus outbreak occurred because of the global crisis on the tourism sector in Turkey welcomed nearly 10 million visitors in 14 months.

According to data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism from January to October 2020 period, a total of 13 million 652 thousand 641 visitors came to Turkey.

The number of foreign visitors among the total number hosted in the first 10 months was 11 million 200 thousand 892.

In the number of citizens residing abroad, the last announced January-September 2020 period was 2 million 451 thousand 749.

Turkey does not yet disclosed in October 2020 despite the residency of foreign nationals approached the 14 million total visitor numbers data.

Compared with previous data from the coronavirus outbreak Turkey, 2019 percent experienced a decrease in the number of foreign visitors compared to the 10-month period of 72,49.

In the list of countries sending the most visitors, the Russian Federation took the first place with 10 million 1 thousand 911 in 264 months, Germany was the second with 1 million 37 thousand 293, and Bulgaria was the third with 997 thousand 470. Ukraine and England followed Bulgaria.

Most Visitors From Russia In October

Turkey still did not change the preference of Russian visitors and the ranking of the most visited Russia in October 2020 he quit during the summit.

Turkey in October last year, 59,40 percent over the same period of the previous year, a decrease of 1 million 742 thousand 303 foreign visitors entertained.

While the Russian Federation took the first place with 489 thousand 836, Bulgaria was the second with 232 thousand 729 and Ukraine was third with 155 thousand 254. Ukraine was followed by Germany and England.

Most Logged In Provinces in Turkey

Their arrival in the country of the visitors who came to Turkey in the ranking of provinces in Istanbul took first place with 4 million 154 thousand 21.

Antalya came second with 3 million 99 thousand 687, Edirne came third with 1 million 508 thousand 542. Mugla, Izmir Artvin and they do most of the visitors entering Turkey was the other provinces, respectively.

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