Turkey Coal Enterprises Workers' ex-convicts 11 to Make Purchase

Turkey Coal Enterprises Workers' ex-convicts 11 to Make Purchase
Turkey Coal Enterprises Workers' ex-convicts 11 to Make Purchase

Turkey Coal Enterprises General Directorate of ex-convicts Indefinite Term (Permanent) Workers Purchase

Former Convict workers will be recruited to Garp Lignite Business Directorate and Aegean Lignite Business Directorate to be employed on an Indeterminate Term (Permanent) contract.

Our request is that Turkey will be published on 04.11.2020 in the Open Job General Directorate of Employment Agency.

Applications, Turkey Business Association (TEO) will be carried through.

Our workplace operates in the Mining branch, which is subject to the very dangerous class in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331.

The Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for Recruiting Workers to Public Institutions and Organizations, the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for Recruiting the Injured as Workers to the Public Institutions and Organizations as Ex-Convict or Disabled in the Fight Against Terrorism, and the TKI Directive on the Examination for Employee Recruitment.

The trial period is 2 months and the enterprise is subject to the social rights written in the Collective Labor Agreement.

As of the deadline for the application of our announced Labor Force request, candidates must have graduated from the education status and departments specified in the advertisement.

The applications at the lower and upper education level will not be accepted, which applies to our workforce request announced at the High School and Equivalent School Graduate level.

Candidates entering the lists, regarding the terms of the announcement, education status, experience, priority status, professional certificate, foreign language requirement, etc. They must submit their documents.

Those who cannot document their situation or make false statements will be removed from the lists.

Employment contracts of those who started to work within the scope of our workforce demand announced at the level of High School and Equivalent School, and who are determined to be lower or higher education graduates as of the deadline of the announcement of our workforce demand will be terminated in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 4857 of Labor Law No. 25. .

In order to determine the candidates to be taken for the exam, 4 (four) times the number of principal and the same number of substitute candidates, who are notified to our Institution and who meet the application requirements specified in the announcement, will be determined by drawing before the notary public.

Notaries draw date 25.11.2020/10/00 at 12: XNUMX in Turkey Coal Enterprises General Directorate (Hippodrome Cad. No: XNUMX Yenimahalle / ANKARA) will be performed.

Within the scope of the measures taken due to the COVID-19 outbreak, candidates will be able to be taken to the hall to watch the Notary lottery drawing, provided that they comply with the social distance rule. In addition, candidates will be able to watch live in places determined by our Business Directorates with the Tele-Video Conference system.

Lot results, document check, candidates eligible to take the exam, exam date, time, place and all other announcements (http://www.tki.gov.tr), (http://www.gli.gov.tr) and (http://www.eli.gov.tr), and no written notification will be made to the candidates.

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