Coronavirus Epidemic Control for All was held in Turkey

tum turkiyede coronavirus outbreak inspections were carried out
tum turkiyede coronavirus outbreak inspections were carried out
Sent from the Ministry of Interior to the governorships Coronavirus Outbreak Controls in provinces and districts within the framework of the circular on 06.11.2020-13.11.2020 Comprehensive inspections were carried out on public transportation vehicles, commercial taxis, marketplaces and crowded streets, boulevards and streets. Approximately per day 42.407 staff employed 12.927 In the audits carried out by the audit team;
  • 67.689 intercity public transportation vehicles,
  • 152.261 urban public transportation vehicles,
  • 73.847 commercial taxis,
  • 12.627 market places (district market, high society market etc.)
  • Workplaces on 500.863 crowded streets, boulevards and streets were checked.
Acting contrary to the measures taken during the controls,
  • Commercial taxis were banned from traveling with 991 urban and intercity public transportation vehicles,
  • 36.873 workplaces were warned for not obeying the measures
  • 107 workplaces were banned from operations,
  • It was determined that 40.857 people did not comply with the mask requirement, and 389 people traveled without the HES code.
  • Administrative fines were imposed on those who acted against the measures (person, workplace, enterprise, factory, etc.).
  • A criminal complaint was filed against 4.922 persons / businesses found to have failed to comply with the measures.
Coronavirus inspections continue every day without interruption across the country.

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