Chairman Bilgin Becomes the Guest of STSO

Chairman Bilgin Becomes the Guest of STSO
Chairman Bilgin Becomes the Guest of STSO

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin was the guest of the Board of Directors Meeting of Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO).
Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, who gave information to the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Eken and the members of the board of directors about the works of Sivas Municipality, held a consultation about the work of the Chamber.

Mayor Mustafa Eken expressed his satisfaction that Mayor Hilmi Bilgin was a guest at the Board of Directors meeting and said, “We will give information about the city as Trade and Industry. We will also get information about the Municipality's work from him. He participated in our meeting at a time when we needed to come together about the economic situation experienced during the pandemic process. We will do our consultation regarding the city. We will consider the issues to be cooperated. I would like to thank our mayor Hilmi Bilgin ”.

Mayor Eken stated that they will also host Governor Salih Ayhan and said, "We will consult with our esteemed Governor, especially with the High Speed ​​Train Workshop".

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin thanked Eken and its management and said, “We are together to evaluate the developments both in our city and in our country by visiting our Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the roof organization of our tradesmen. As in all over the world, the Kovid 19 epidemic process has effects in our country and in our city. As it has affected every field since March, it has especially affected every segment of the economy, our business people, our merchants and tradesmen. Thanks to God, with the measures taken under the leadership of our President, the process continues by taking necessary measures and measures to minimize the damage. We have; As Sivas Municipality, our president reflects the views of the field to us on issues concerning our tradesmen and tradesmen in the pandemic committee since the beginning of the process. We do human-oriented, tradesman-oriented work. While taking measures to protect public health, we have taken the necessary measures that will positively affect production and employment. Our Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the most important non-governmental organizations of Sivas with its approximately 8 thousand members. We care about tradesmen, tradesmen, more precisely employment and production in every platform. I would like to thank Mustafa Eken our president and management for their hospitality ”.

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