You can ski in all seasons in Sivas

You can ski in all seasons in Sivas
You can ski in all seasons in Sivas

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan visited the Winter Sports Training Center, where students aged between 10 and 15 received ski training. Wishing students success, Governor Ayan also congratulated the children's families.

Work is underway to train new skiers at the center, which is the most important winter sports training center of our country and is built on Turgut Özal Caddesi.

Speaking during the visit, Governor Ayhan stated that Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort is a very important value of Sivas and said, “We have very unique projects to bring this brand value together with our citizens. Yıldız Mountain has been the center of the region for 5 seasons. It became a popular destination for people in winter tourism. We use Yıldız Mountain Ski Center for educational and social purposes rather than a commercial center. Under the auspices of our governor's office, we gave a conscious ski training to nearly 8 thousand children here. Our children will give values ​​education in the evenings; We will ensure that it is a youth with identity, character and sporty. " said.

Stating that they have developed a project for our ski center to have a center in the city, Governor Ayhan said, “We are trying to keep our children fit and keep in touch with skiing by providing ski training in Yıldız Mountain in winter and in Winter Sports Training Center in summer. We use it very actively and effectively. Our children receive education in accordance with the epidemic rules. Theoretical trainings here and practical trainings at Yıldız Mountain Ski Center will continue. " he spoke.

Ayhan continued his words as follows: “The children here have an important feature. It was chosen from among thousands of children. About 64 of our children will participate in olympic races after receiving education here. There is great determination and faith. As Sivas Governorship, we will ensure that our children in the region use the mountain more effectively with our social projects. Everyone takes care of Yıldız Mountain Ski Center like their children. This mountain is preparing our children, who are the future of Sivas. I wish success to our children. "

Provincial Director of National Education Ebubebir Sıddık Savaşçı also attended the visit.

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