There Will Be Changes In The Travel Sector

There will be changes in the travel sector
There will be changes in the travel sector

Important data on the losses in tourism, which is one of the sectors negatively affected by the coronavirus (Covid 19) process, was shared by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

According to the statement, it was stated that international travels decreased by approximately 8 percent in the first 70 months. Emphasizing that radical changes will be experienced in the sector with the end of the coronavirus epidemic, Yaşar Çelik, CEO of, said, “Many issues such as social distance, hygiene rules and information sharing will come to the fore. One of the most striking issues is that citizens' new travel routes and transportation options will no longer be solely focused on price. Hygiene will be effective in the decision-making process. With the increase in video conferences, we may see a decrease in business travels, ”he said.

Tourism, which has 19 percent of the world economy and has a transaction volume of approximately $ 10 trillion, is one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus (Covid - 9) epidemic. Tourism professionals believe that the expected mobility will occur after the virus loses its effect. So, what changes will we see in the travel industry in 2021?

Corona Effect Will Continue in Decision Making Processes

Drawing attention to the fact that the corona effect will also come to the fore in the decision-making processes of the people, Yaşar Çelik, CEO of, said, “No matter which means of transportation we use to travel, the first priority in our choices will be the hygiene rules due to the process we experience instead of the price. It will affect the industry in video conferences. The rate of being online at the meetings increased even more in the pandemic. This situation seems to continue when the virus is over. Therefore, reductions in business travel are expected, ”he said.

Popular Destinations Will Lose Their Popularity

Çelik continued his words as follows: “According to the researches, travel consultants have had more work in this process. Because information sharing and communication has become more important than ever. This situation will continue to increase in the future. People liked digital channels more during this period. This will also affect the use of online channels in the travel industry. It will lose its popularity in the most preferred destinations. Finally, the success of countries in the pandemic process will play a major role in people's choices. At this point, Turkey is located in an advantageous position with success in combating the virus. "

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