Santa Farma and Mealis Collaborated Strategic

strategic cooperation from santa farma and translation
strategic cooperation from santa farma and translation

Turkey's leading domestic pharmaceutical company located in Santa Farma, MEALIS Middle East Life Sciences that have made the strategic cooperation agreement with, moderate to severe stress urinary incontinence hydrochloride duloxetine for the treatment of active ingredient, the drug's sales in women, marketing and distribution rights MEALIS ' transferred to.

In 150, Santa Farma put the latest production and building technologies into the service of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with a 43 thousand square meter closed area, which was put into operation in Dilovası, Kocaeli with an investment of 2015 million Euros. Annual single shift at 150 million boxes of production capacity, EU-GMP, TR-GMP and Jordan GMP certificate holders in the plant, will not only Santa Farma products for the country of Turkey and export production, support is given on behalf of localization to global and local pharmaceutical companies that are imported products from abroad .

Pursuing the principle itself to the concept of wellness at any age, in 2013 and started its operations in Dubai and Beirut MEALIS, and began its operations in Turkey in 2014. MEALIS 35 different countries, including Eastern Europe, including Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa in the activities of the drug, medical device and continue reinforcing the food area. The development of the pharmaceutical industry, the principle of sustainability and society to contribute to the future of health MEALIS Turkey original, promotion of generic drug products, marketing, sales and distribution perform.

With the strategic cooperation agreement signed, the sales, marketing and distribution rights of the drug with duloxetine hydrochloride active ingredient, which was offered to the service of Turkish medicine by Santa Farma in 2015 and used in the treatment of moderate and severe stress type urinary incontinence in women, were transferred to Mealis.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a common disease in the elderly and women. While 3 of every 1 urinary incontinence patients in the world apply to a physician, the quality of life of 3 out of every 2 patients who do not consult a physician is impaired. If only 12% of incontinent women in Turkey is referred to a physician. Generally, patients think that urinary incontinence is due to old age, but urinary incontinence is a possible disease. There are three different types of urinary incontinence: stress type, urgency type and mixed type. According to the studies, the most common situation with 49% is stress urinary incontinence. Stress type patients; They leak urine during coughing, sneezing, heavy lifting and physical exercise. Patients suffering from urinary incontinence are recommended to apply to the nearest health institutions.

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