Samsun is Candidate to Become a Brand City in Tourism!

samsun is a candidate to become a brand city in tourism
samsun is a candidate to become a brand city in tourism

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said that they will introduce the tourism potential and advantages of the city to local and foreign communities.

Samsun aims to be the brand city of the region in tourism with its historical, natural and cultural richness in 17 districts. Akdağ Ski Center in winter tourism, Basin Hot Springs in health tourism, Ayvacık Lake in nature tourism, Kızılırmak Delta and Flood Forests, Vezirköprü Şahinkaya Canyon, Tekkeköy Kabaceviz Waterfalls, Bafra Asarkale and archaeological excavations in history tourism, Tekkeköy Caves, one of the oldest settlements in human history, such as its inscriptions, 149 km of beach, blue bayraklı Samsun, with its beaches, is among the rapidly developing cities of our country in tourism.


Ladik Akdag Ski Center, one of 15 ski resort in Turkey, waiting for the snow to open the season. The ski facilities with an altitude of 80 meters, which are 7 kilometers from Samsun and 1900 kilometers from the district center, have a length of one thousand 360 meters. The facility, which has a chairlift for 84 people, is full of people who want to enjoy skiing under the unique snow view in winter. Turkey has the longest sandy beaches near the city of Samsun, on the coastline of 13 blue bayraklı has a beach.


Noting that Samsun has a great potential in terms of tourism, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir invited companies to invest in the city. Mayor Demir said, “Samsun is one of the most important tourism cities of the Black Sea Region with all kinds of tourism diversity. You are even superior in terms of diversity when compared to Mediterranean cities. Because there is only sun, sea and sand tourism there. There is no type of tourism that does not exist in our city. In order for Samsun to get the share it deserves from the tourism sector, we have to make better use of this great blessing, carry it to the agenda of the country and the world, and promote it ”.


Stating that Samsun deserves to be a brand city in tourism, President Demir said, “Samsun is a tourism city with its kilometers of coast, beaches, magnificent beaches, waterfalls, archaeological excavations and sites, natural wonder lakes, plateaus, plains, underground riches and museums. Samsun, the shining star of the Black Sea, is more special and advantageous than many cities known for tourism, even Antalya. There is a serious movement in the field of tourism. We're going in domestic tourism point above the average of Turkey, "he said.

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