How to Define the Account Code to Samkart?

How to Define the Samkart Account Code?
How to Define the Samkart Account Code?

In order to define HES Code for your Samkart, there are 2 information that should be known first. One of them is the HES Code and the other is the card number of your Samkart. There are 3 different ways to get the HES Code. These are as follows;

1.You can get the HES code with any of the steps below indefinitely.

2.You can learn the card number of your Samkart with any of the following steps.

    1. By using the first 8 digits of the number in the "Card No" field on the "Card Refill Receipt" that will be given to you after loading your Samkart from Kiosk devices at stations or from Samkart Dealers;
    2. An 8-digit code consisting of numbers and letters at certain points on your Samkart;
    3. If you have an Android smartphone with NFC feature, by using the Samulaş Mobile Application, you can scan your card with the help of the Balance Inquiry menu on the home screen;
    4. You can find out the card (ID) number of your Samkart prepared specially for you by calling Samulaş Call Center or by contacting via Whatsapp.

After learning the HES Code and Transportation Card Number as a result of the above steps  by clicking here If there is no error, you will complete the identification process by filling in the required fields on the page that opens. If there is any discrepancy in the entered data, your registration will not be completed and you will be notified of the reason. If there is no error in the data, your transaction has been completed successfully, and you will complete your transaction.

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