Red Bull BC One World Final Excitement Tomorrow

red bull bc one world finale excitement tomorrow
red bull bc one world finale excitement tomorrow

The world's most prestigious breaking contest Red Bull BC One will witness the head-to-head struggle of the most successful B-Boy and B-Girls. In this year's special competition, 8 female and 8 male breakdancers from various countries will show their skills to become 'World Champion'. The contest, which will take place on Saturday, November 28 at 22.00:XNUMX, can be watched from all over the world at

Red Bull BC One, which is organized every year to determine the best breakdancers in the world and known as the most prestigious breaking competition in the global sense, brings together the most successful 8 B-Girls and 8 B-Boys for a fierce fight. The dancers, who will compete to become the 2020 Red Bull BC One World Champion, are preparing to sign an unforgettable show.

B-Girls who will be on the stage with their ambitious performances this year; MadMax from Belgium, Sina from Austria, Kastet from Russia, Sunny from USA and Jilou from Germany, Mess from Netherlands, Kami from France and Ayane from Japan.

B-Boiler; Killa Kolya from Kazakhstan, Lil Zoo from Austria, PacPac from France, Vero from South Korea, Philip from the USA, Alcohol from Russia, Kid Karam from the UK and Shigekix from Japan will be the 8 performers. The jury, consisting of the famous names of the dance scene AT, Ayumi, Lilou and Omar, will determine the winner. The contest to be held on Saturday, November 28 at 22.00:XNUMX Facebook, Red Bull BC One YouTube channel and Red Bull TV from all over the world. If more information In the address.


Red Bull BC One, the world's largest one-on-one breaking competition, has been organized with the participation of thousands of dancers in more than 2004 countries since 30. In this way, the most talented breakdancers every year have the chance to introduce their talents to the world. More information about Red Bull BC One, which hosted two separate online competitions this year, can be found at

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