Mayor Soyer Visited Earthquake Survivors whose Houses were Damaged

president soyer houses visited earthquake victims
president soyer houses visited earthquake victims

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer visited the earthquake victims who were left in tents after their houses were damaged after the earthquake. Stating that President Soyer and his team have never left them alone since the first day and met all their needs, earthquake victims expressed their gratitude. President Tunç Soyer said that they would never leave citizens alone in the earthquake.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer spent most of the weekend with earthquake victims whose houses were destroyed or damaged after the 6.9 magnitude earthquake. Mayor Tunç Soyer, who visited the earthquake victims in tents in Bornova Bilal Çakırcalı Park, 75. Yıl Park and Hakan Ünal Park, asked the needs of the citizens and listened to their problems. Soyer also visited the liaison offices of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Citizen Communication Center established in the disaster area, and asked the officials to help the citizens.

Thanks to Soyer, one of the earthquake victims

The earthquake victims in the tent areas thanked the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer for his work after the earthquake. Yasemin Kıran, one of the earthquake victims, said, “I thank the municipality thousands of times. They provided food, bedding, blankets and everyone really met their needs, ”he said.

Leyla Çapkın expressed her gratitude to the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer and her team and said, “Metropolitan staff and volunteers constantly asked about our needs. They cared so well that we forgot our pain, ”he said.

Sibel Çimen, on the other hand, noted that President Soyer worked miracles and said, “We sleep every day praying to you. He said, "May Allah not touch your feet with stones".

"We are trying to save you from these tents as soon as possible"

President Soyer said hearing this from earthquake victims was their greatest reward. Soyer said, “Our biggest award is also your appreciation. May Allah be pleased with you a thousand times. Get well soon. We will continue to be by your side. We will never leave you. "We are working to save you from these tents as soon as possible."

Speaking to the reporters in the tent area, Soyer said, “First of all, we are excited to meet all the needs of our citizens in tents. We don't want to be deprived of anything at all. For this reason, we are in an effort to coordinate the assistance and requests from everywhere as much as possible and direct them to the right place. Our volunteers and employees give great support to earthquake victims. This week, we have the goal of saving earthquake victims from tents and at least bringing them together with a nest to put their heads on. We will concentrate on this this week, ”he said.

Mayor Tunç Soyer gave instructions to the municipal authorities to meet the needs of those who demand shoes and coats due to the cooling of the weather. Soyer also thanked Izmir Metropolitan Municipality staff working in tent areas and citizens working voluntarily.

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