New Era in Coronavirus Audits

new period in coronavirus inspections
new period in coronavirus inspections

📩 06/11/2020 12:48

The Ministry of Internal Affairs sent a circular on coronavirus outbreak inspections to governorships to make coronavirus inspections conducted throughout the country more effective in the field. Within the scope of the circular, the number of teams on duty on the streets, boulevards and streets will be increased even more. All police teams will be able to benefit from the inspections. Intercity and urban public transportation vehicles and commercial taxis will be stopped one by one, and it will be checked whether coronavirus measures are followed.

Despite the precautions taken due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the widespread warning, awareness and inspection activities in the circular, due to the imprudent behavior displayed in crowded places such as public transportation vehicles, marketplaces and lively streets, boulevards and streets in terms of shopping and social life. It was stated that the spread of the epidemic continued. The following information was included in the circular regarding the new control approach that will start tomorrow.

According to this; A new approach will be demonstrated in coronavirus audits beyond the auditing activities carried out so far. The number of teams in charge of inspecting in the field will be increased to the maximum, especially in areas where crowds form / may occur. For this purpose, the opportunities of local governments will be mobilized. Especially in workplace and street / street inspections, all municipal police personnel will be used. In addition to law enforcement officers and police personnel, as many personnel as possible from other public institutions and organizations and professional chambers will be assigned to the inspection teams.

Governors and District Governors Will Participate Personally

On-site inspection activities to be carried out in 81 provinces and 922 districts under the presidency of governors and district governors; Mayors, managers and staff of relevant public institutions and organizations, village / neighborhood headmen, professional chambers, general law enforcement units (police, gendarmerie, coast guard) and private law enforcement officers (police, private security, etc.) It will be concentrated where it is located.

In this direction, in the field inspections to be carried out in the upcoming period, all kinds of public transportation vehicles (commercial taxi, minibus, bus, metrobus, tram, subway, sea bus, etc.), marketplaces and lively streets, boulevards and streets in terms of shopping and social life, crowded places will be given priority / emphasis.

Public Transportation Vehicles and Inspections in Commercial Taxis Will Be Increased

In the audits of public transportation vehicles and commercial taxis; Special attention will be paid to checking each vehicle. HES code and mask requirement will be checked in intercity public transportation vehicles. Passenger capacity limitation in urban public transportation vehicles (metro, metrobus, tram, city bus, private public bus, minibus, midibus, etc.), HES code and mask requirement, wearing masks by drivers and customers in commercial taxis, keeping sufficient disinfectant materials in the vehicle It will be checked whether the customer limit that can be taken at the same time is complied with. The obligation to clean the interior of the vehicle and to act in accordance with the hygiene rules by the drivers will be controlled at each shift change. The necessary sanctions will be applied without hesitation to public transportation vehicles, drivers and operators who violate the measures taken, and passengers who do not comply with the measures.

In the audits of market places (neighborhood or neighborhood markets, high society markets, etc.); It will be checked whether the counter / exhibition arrangements in the area are made in accordance with the physical distance rules. It will be checked whether the obligation to wear masks by tradesmen and customers in the market is complied with, and whether the physical distance rules are followed by tradesmen and customers. Attention will be paid to whether there are accessible and sufficient disinfectant materials for customers at the market entrances, whether the obligation to wear gloves and personal hygiene by marketers is obeyed, and whether the necessary measures are taken by the police teams to prevent overcrowding in the market, especially in the evening. Necessary warnings and sanctions will be applied to tradesmen and customers who do not comply with the measures.

Citizens Will Be Warned With Announcements

Under the control of streets, boulevards and streets where shopping and social life are alive; Whether the operators and citizens comply with the physical distance rule and the obligation to wear a mask, whether the shopping venues in these places are engaged in activities that cause crowding, and whether the rules and precautions determined for them are followed in the workplaces in these places.

In addition, the importance of reminding our citizens of distance and mask rules and avoiding crowds will be emphasized by making continuous announcements from law enforcement / police vehicles in these places through megaphones.

Those Who Do Not Comply With Isolation Will Be Taken Under Mandatory Isolation

During the audit activities, if it is determined that the persons diagnosed with Covid19 or their contacts have violated the isolation conditions, they will be subjected to mandatory isolation in dormitories and hostels. Its effectiveness and visibility will be kept at the highest level in audits.

The necessary planning will be made by ensuring the coordination between local administrations, general law enforcement agencies, public institutions and organizations, village / neighborhood mukhtars and professional chambers by the Governors and District Governors. There will be no disruption in the application.

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