Ministry of Health 2021 Budget Accepted in TBMM Plan Budget Committee

ministry of health accepted in tbmm plan butce commission
ministry of health accepted in tbmm plan butce commission

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made a presentation of the 2021 budget of the Ministry of Health at the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee and answered the questions of the deputies. Deputy Ministers of Health and senior bureaucrats were also present at the presentation.

Minister Koca, in his presentation at the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee, where the 2021 budget of the Ministry of Health and its affiliates was discussed, emphasized that the agenda is the pandemic that affects the whole world.

universities in the implementation of health services in Turkey, and private investors are telling role in getting together service a large part of the ministry of local offices of execution husband, 934 hospitals, 8 thousand reported that provide service with 14 more than a thousand health institutions, including the family health center.

"Significant progress has been made in basic health indicators"

Minister of Health husband, the adoption of healthy lifestyles, which protects everyone's right to health, can easily access timely and quality health care to everyone in need, he said they are aiming to have a Turkey.

Husband reported that the maternal mortality rate, which is one of the health development indices, fell from 64 to 13,1 per hundred thousand live births, and the infant mortality rate fell from 31,5 to 6,7.

Stating that Turkey's health in a rapid increase in satisfaction capture husband, it was reported that they constantly monitoring to make permanent.

"We protect our 7 thousand children from diseases that may develop"

Saying, “As the Ministry, we prioritize safe births and encourage births in our hospitals, on the other hand, we are conducting screenings where early diagnosis is critical for our babies to start life in the healthiest way possible. We maintain free iron and free vitamin D supplements. In this way, we protect about 7 thousand children from diseases that may develop ”.

Emphasizing that they increase the number of mother-friendly hospitals every year in order to improve the health services offered by maternity units during pregnancy, delivery and puerperium and to support normal birth, Koca said that the number of beds in the guest mother practice, which enables pregnant women to stay in safe centers and have their births in hospitals, is more than 698 thousand. He informed that it was increased to 740.

Minister Fahrettin Koca year that 1 million 200 thousand children born according to population size and success of vaccination stating that countries with the highest Turkey comes at the beginning, the words continued as follows:

“We provide services to protect and improve the health of our citizens at more than 24 thousand points across the country with family physicians and family health workers in more than 8 thousand units. We increased the number of our healthy life centers to 2020 as of October 207. "

"There is a 34 percent obesity frequency"

Saying that they continue to fight against obesity, which is one of the most important health risks threatening public health, Koca said, “There is a high obesity frequency of 34 percent. "We aim to increase the number of our obesity centers to 2021 in 140".

"1 million 172 thousand citizens benefited from free medicine"

Pointing out that despite the declining trend in anti-tobacco policies, the desired level could not be reached, Koca said, “As of today, the number of smoking cessation outpatient clinics has reached 721. Until now, 1 million 172 thousand citizens have benefited from our free medicine opportunity. We have served 191 thousand people so far with our ALO 275 Anti-Drug Information and Support Line. In this process, we increased the number and capacity of treatment centers. While we had 2014 treatment centers in 21 provinces in 30, we increased this number to 76 centers in 129 provinces ”.

Explaining that they carry out cancer screening services with the awareness of the value of early diagnosis in cancer, Koca said, “In the first 2020 months of 9, approximately 3 million citizens have benefited from screening services. With 658 mobile health teams, we facilitate the accessibility of preventive health services for those living in towns, villages, hamlets and remote neighborhoods ”.

the guests under temporary protection remaining if Turkey shelters in 29 provinces, 175 Migrant Health Center, 791 medical teams with services provided reminiscent of her husband, "We will continue to fulfill our humanitarian responsibility of Needs framework" gave the information.

Koca stated that the funds allocated for preventive health services in the central government budget for 2021 increased by 2020 percent compared to 24,1, to 19 billion TL.

"We aim to increase the number of ambulances to 6 thousand 340 next year"

Reminding that the Ministry of Health, as a team and equipment, is ready for disasters and emergencies and offers world-class service, Koca said, “We established an Emergency Health Services organization that covers the entire country. In 2020, we intervened nearly 5,5 million citizens with our ambulances and transferred them to our health facilities. We aim to increase the number of ambulances from 5 thousand 930 to 2021 thousand 6 in 340. In 2020, we serve with 17 helicopter ambulances and 3 aircraft ambulances. From 2008 to October 2020, we transferred approximately 49 thousand cases with air ambulances. "We transferred about 6 thousand cases with our 23 sea boat ambulances serving in various regions."

"We will strengthen the family medicine practice"

Pointing out that facilitating access to healthcare services increased the number of physician applications per capita nearly 3 times, Koca said, "As we have done so far, our goal is to strengthen the practice of family medicine and reduce the number of unnecessary applications to the second and third step."

Her husband, voicing Turkey's health tourism is one of the last 10 years, the world's leading countries, the words continued as follows:

“The number of health facilities authorized for health tourism has reached 957, and the number of intermediary institutions has reached 126, and we continue to authorize our facilities and intermediary institutions in the field of health tourism. Our International Patient Support Unit, Interpreting and Call Center (UHDB), serving 6/7 in 24 languages, provides services to our foreign patients. "

"We became the country with the most digital hospitals in the world after the USA"

Minister Koca pointed out that the most powerful tool in secure data flow and patient safety is digitalization, “According to HIMSS criteria, the number of our 'level 6' hospitals reached 177 and the highest level 'level 7' hospitals reached 3. "We have become the country with the most digital hospitals in the world after the USA."

"81 project applications were received, 42 projects were supported"

Explaining that calls were made in 7 different areas within the scope of indigenization-nationalization in the field of health science and technologies, Koca said:

“With these calls, it is aimed to develop and produce strategically important vaccines, medicines, medical devices and diagnostic kits. Within the scope of the calls, 81 project applications were received and 42 projects were supported. The first national biobank and omics center of our country is established within the Aziz Sancar Research Center. "

"The amount of licensed pharmaceuticals on sale in our country reached 2,4 billion boxes"

Saying, “In 2019, the amount of licensed pharmaceuticals sold in our country reached 2,4 billion boxes,” Koca said, adding that 100 out of every 88 boxes consumed in the last year were produced in our country. It is predicted that this number will increase even more at the end of the year. "We have reduced the percentage of prescriptions with antibiotics from 35 percent to 24 percent with effective field studies we have conducted in recent years on rational drug use."

"The number of healthcare professionals has exceeded 1 million 100 thousand"

Emphasizing that it is of great importance to manage the resources well as a country that provides health services at the standards of developed countries with limited human resources, Koca said, “The number of healthcare professionals has exceeded 720 million 1 thousand, 100 thousand of which are under our Ministry. With the legal regulation adopted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 15 April 2020 with the agreement of all parties, the effectiveness of combating violence in health has been increased. I would like to thank all of our attorneys who have contributed to this occasion. We are determined to continue our fight against violence in all directions ”.

"Turkey did not meet the health care system as no surprise pandemic unlike many countries"

From December 2019 to combat the pandemic had been under the influence of the world, emphasizing the husband, "Turkey has to meet the health care system as no surprise pandemic unlike many countries. As a result of previous studies, the 'Pandemic Influenza National Preparation Plan was prepared and published in 2019, ”he said.

Koca also stated that within the scope of humanitarian aid, protective material aid and exportation was made to 159 countries, and said, “A widespread contact screening (filming) was carried out to ensure that the contacts of the identified cases are found and taken into isolation. Regular follow-up of people in isolation was ensured through family physicians and call centers, ”he said.

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