Luxury Vehicle Sales from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

luxury car sale from the ankara metropolitan municipality
luxury car sale from the ankara metropolitan municipality

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, sells luxury vehicles within the Metropolitan Municipality for sale one by one. Mayor Yavaş, who sent a circular to all units to increase the savings practices and to combat waste, asked for the sale of luxury vehicles that were purchased in the past and had high costs. BELKA Anonim Şirketi will be tendered by the sealed envelope bargaining method for the sale of 19 luxury land and 14.30 passenger vehicles on Thursday, November 1 at 3. 2 million 15 thousand TL revenue is expected from the sale of luxury vehicles.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş continues to implement savings-oriented practices.

Mayor Yavaş, who reduced the number of vehicles belonging to Metropolitan Municipality units after he took office and made significant savings by selling high-cost luxury vehicles purchased in the past, also took out the inventory of luxury vehicles registered in all municipal units. In this context, BELKA Incorporated Company goes out to tender for the sale of 4 luxury vehicles.


BELKA A.Ş. The tender for the sale of 1 land and 3 luxury passenger cars will be broadcast live on ABB TV and the social media accounts of the Metropolitan Municipality.

In the tender to be launched in line with the circular of President Yavaş on increasing waste and saving practices, it is expected that 2012 million 2 thousand TL will be earned from the sale of 2012 model land type vehicles, 1 of which are 2014 model and 2 of which is 15 model luxury vehicle.

If the vehicles cannot be sold, the second tender will be held on 26 November 2020 at 14.30 for BELKA A.Ş. It will be held at Esertepe Mahallesi Esertepe Recreation Area No: 1 Keçiören / ANKARA. The bidders must submit the tender documents. be able to obtain from.

The Metropolitan Municipality earned 13 million 2020 thousand TL from the sale of 3 luxury vehicles purchased during the old administration period on February 2, 101.

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