TOTAL, Pioneer in Electric Vehicle Fluids with EV Fluids Product Range

leader in total household fluids product range and electric vehicle fluids
leader in total household fluids product range and electric vehicle fluids

Total Mineral Oils offers special solutions for high-speed electric motors and transmissions with TOTAL QUARTZ EV FLUID for passenger cars and TOTAL RUBIA EV FLUID for heavy diesel vehicles.

As one of the leaders in the electric vehicle fluids market, Total Lubricants has developed innovative cooling and lubrication product lines for electric and hybrid vehicles: TOTAL QUARTZ EV FLUID for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, and TOTAL for off-road vehicles, electric buses and other electric heavy commercial vehicles. RUBIA EV FLUID. In addition to these two product groups, Total Mineral Oils offers many solutions for charging, storage and fleet management. High performance fluids, which are filled before the vehicles leave the production line, accompany the vehicles throughout their service life.

Indicating that the demand for electric and hybrid vehicles is increasing day by day, Total Turkey Marketing Technical Services Manager Özgecan Çakıcı said, “According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) data, electric vehicle sales are expected to constitute 2030 to 20 percent of the light commercial vehicle market by 50. In 2050, 70 percent of newly produced vehicles are expected to be hybrid and electric. Decisions taken to reduce carbon emissions around the world also play a major role in the future of electric and hybrid vehicles. This change, which will be experienced in the medium and long term, creates a need for products suitable for new technologies in the lubricants sector ”.

"EV (Electric Vehicle) Fluids separates from conventional oils"

Total Mineral Oils developed special lubricating and cooling fluids by focusing on four important issues required by electric and hybrid vehicles:

  • Insulation: An essential safety requirement for any use with electric current.
  • New electric vehicle materials to prevent corrosion of copper coils in electric motors and to protect polymer coatings compliance with the terms of use.
  • Warming: In electric models, heat is released quickly and the products prevent the batteries from heating up during high acceleration or fast charging.
  • To protect the mechanical components, to provide less friction and to ensure that the transmissions and other components required for the efficient operation of vehicles for a long time oiling.

Özgecan Çakıcı said, “The products in our EV Fluids product range have the standard lubrication, cooling and anti-friction properties of traditional engine and transmission oils, as well as insulation with dielectric feature, compatibility with materials, comfortable operation with the materials of electric motor technology and thermal properties, against the risk of fire at very high temperatures. ensures safe work ”, he added.

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