Public Transportation Fees Increased in Kocaeli! New Fees Here

Public transportation in Kocaeli has increased, want new wages
Public transportation in Kocaeli has increased, want new wages

All public transportation fees were raised at the UKOME meeting. Urban transportation was increased by 50, tram 50, and sea transportation by 50 kurus, while service vehicles were increased by 10 to 15 percent. The increased tariff will come into effect on January 1.

The raise requested by Kocaeli Chamber of Minibuses and Coaches about 6 months ago was accepted at this meeting. After the meeting, it was decided to increase transportation in Kocaeli by 16.7 percent. With the raise decision, a 50 kuruş hike for public transportation has come for the city. With the raise, urban transportation, which was 3 lira, increased to 3 lira and 50 kurus. The reduced tariff increased from 2 lira 25 kuruş to 2 lira 55 kuruş. Student fees were raised with the contribution of the Metropolitan Municipality. Previously, 1 lira 60 kurus from the student per boarding and 40 kurus support from the municipality, 1 lira 75 kurus from the student and 50 kurus from the municipality with the new raise.

The tram in Izmit also got its share of the hikes. While the cost of the tram, which was 2 lira, increased to 2 lira 50 kuruş, the student fee from 1 lira to 25 kurus increased to 1 lira 50 kuruş. The discounted tariff, which was 1 lira 50 kuruş on the tram, increased to 1 lira 75 kuruş. Sea transportation increased from 3 lira 75 kuruş to 4 lira 25 kuruş. While the discounted tariff in sea transportation increased from 2 lira 75 kuruş to 3 lira 10 kuruş, the student rate increased from 2 lira to 2 lira 25 kuruş. Private services were given a raise of 10 to 15 percent.

Making a statement after the meeting, Mustafa Kurt, Chairman of Kocaeli Chamber of Minibuses and Bus Drivers, noted that the raise rate did not meet his expectations. Stating that all public transportation vehicles in Kocaeli are raised between 12,5 and 17,5 percent, Kurt said, “Unless the charges are made according to the distance, injustice will not disappear. Let the citizen show understanding to us. We can no longer turn the wheel. But if the distance is charged, nobody will react to the hike, ”he said.

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