Ombudsman Institution to Recruit 5 Contracted Personnel

Ombudsman institution will recruit contracted personnel
Ombudsman institution will recruit contracted personnel

The Ombudsman Institution is a constitutional institution included in the 74th article of our Constitution. Pursuant to Article 6328 of Law No. 5, “The Authority, upon a complaint about the functioning of the administration, shall oblige all kinds of acts and actions of the administration; to examine, investigate and make suggestions to the administration in terms of compliance with law and fairness within the understanding of justice based on human rights… ”.

Our institution, ensuring the rule of law, the implementation of good governance principles and the ring against on the basis of responsibility and equity, Turkey as a control mechanism attached to the National Assembly on its activities from 2013 shows the way to handle the decisions that make the advocate of the people and take.

The Ombudsman Institution, which adopts the principle of "Let the people live so that the State live" with the belief that "the best of people is the most beneficial to people"; It tries to contribute to the improvement of the service quality of the administration, the development of human rights, the rule of law, the spread of the culture of claiming rights, and the formation of a transparent, accountable, people-oriented administration.

Article 657 (B) of the amended Article 4 of the Civil Servants Law No.06 and the Annex 06 of the "Principles Regarding Employment of Contracted Personnel", which was put into effect by the Cabinet Decree dated 1978/7/15754 and numbered 2/2018, titled "Exam Requirement" ( In line with the provision of paragraph b), on the basis of the XNUMX-KPSS (B group) score order, contracted support personnel (driver) will be recruited to be employed in the office and service vehicles of our Institution headquartered in Ankara.

Applications; Within 15 days following the day the announcement is published in the Official Gazette (until the end of working hours), the official website of our institution The documents requested from the placement application link (via e-Government) will be uploaded to the system.

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