Take a Look at Izmir, Give Up on Kanal Istanbul

Take a Look at Izmir, Give Up on Kanal Istanbul
Take a Look at Izmir, Give Up on Kanal Istanbul

CHP Istanbul Deputy Erdogan Toprak pointed to the power of the earthquake nightmare in Izmir and said, "Cancel the Kanal Istanbul Project, considering what a disaster even the mini tsunami has caused."

In the report prepared by CHP's Chief Advisor and Istanbul Deputy Erdogan and presented to the Central Executive Committee, “The Government, considering the possible dimensions of the upcoming earthquake disaster in Istanbul and how even the mini tsunami in Seferihisar caused a disaster, the Kanal Istanbul Project ' It should explain that it has been canceled. It should be shown to the society that 16 million Istanbul residents respect their concerns and concerns ”.

According to the news of Başak Kaya from SÖZCÜ newspaperToprak gave the following determinations in the report he prepared: “Izmir earthquake reminded how vital it is to prepare for natural disasters, settlement planning and ensuring the safety of life and property in the geography where our country is located. It turned out that the responsibility of the governments in this matter was neglected and that the resources were not used rationally and appropriately. The latest disaster has shown the importance of cooperation between central and local governments and that there is no distinction between power and opposition in this matter.

With the comprehensive studies carried out after the Marmara and Düzce earthquakes, plans and programs for disaster preparedness and the organization of resources to finance them were organized. Looking at what is happening today, it becomes clear that the preparation-infrastructure plans and programs envisaged 21 years ago have been largely neglected.

The fact that the government forgets that it has ruled the country alone for 18 years and still accuses the rulers of 20 years and before is a denial of its responsibilities. For the preparation for natural disasters and preventive measures, preparations including common mind, social solidarity and sharing of responsibilities should be started immediately, and a national mobilization approach should be demonstrated.

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