2 out of 505 thousand 139 schools in İzmir have mild problems

Izmir-2-bin-505-school-139 has slight-problems
Izmir-2-bin-505-school-139 has slight-problems

Ziya Selçuk, the Minister of National Education, reported that only 2 of the 505 schools in İzmir had mild problems.

In a statement he made on his social media account, Selçuk reminded that they made demolition or retrofit decisions as a result of regular earthquake analyzes in schools.

Stating that they carried out the demolition of 50 schools in Izmir, which they closed to education in this context, between August and October 2020, Selçuk gave the following information:

“Due to these measures we have taken, only 2 of our 505 schools in İzmir have slight problems. The camera recordings show that during the earthquake, our students, who were in schools, were safely evacuated in the company of our teachers and school principals. The earthquake trainings we provide regularly and precisely to our students and teachers found the meaning of the earthquake drills we do in our schools. I would also like to thank our teachers who calmly evacuated our students. "

Reminding that he has been in Izmir since yesterday evening, Selçuk said, “We visit all schools in the region with our experts and conduct damage assessment studies. In our school, where we see the slightest risk, we will not open our doors to our children without taking the necessary precautions. Our minds are with our children who are afraid of earthquakes, our hearts and our prayers are with our children whom we still haven't heard from. " made its evaluation.

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