Istanbulkart Owners will be able to Pay at Any Point Passing the MultiNet Food Card

Good news to Istanbulkart owners
Good news to Istanbulkart owners

The new generation financial technology group Multinet Up and Belbim AŞ, the Electronic Money and Payment Services company of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, have signed an important cooperation. Within the scope of the cooperation, thousands of restaurants, cafes, buffets and local markets will be added to the usage area of ​​Istanbulkart, the public transportation and life card that offers a payment solution to millions of Istanbul residents. As of November 27, 2020, Istanbulites will be able to pay with their Istanbulkart at every point where the MultiNet meal card is passed.

Beyond being a transportation card, İstanbulkart has signed various collaborations to become the “Life Card of the City”. Payments can be made with Istanbulkart in markets, online shopping, museums, taxis, cafes-restaurants and many other points. Istanbulkart has now added 30.000 new points to its payment channel with the cooperation it has made with Multinet Up.

The partnership of Belbim AŞ, the pioneer of electronic payment systems with the new generation financial technology group Multinet Up, offers 18 million Istanbulkart users the privilege of contactless payment from the smallest kiosk with Multinet Up payment infrastructure to local markets and large restaurant chains. this practice will spread gradually MultiNet will be available at 30.000 points in all of Turkey in the coming period. Istanbulkart, transport and transport non continued proliferation efforts to be made with a single card of any payment, Multinet Up important With the increase in usage with the cooperation will only continue to operate in all not in Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbulkart continues to spread its services everywhere and in every field and to create projects that will touch the lives of Istanbul residents and add value. While rapidly achieving its goals of becoming widespread in digitalization and non-transportation payment services, it is progressing step by step towards writing a guide to living in the city with a single card. With 30 thousand new points added to the payment network within the scope of Multinet Up cooperation, Istanbulkart is excited to offer a new experience to its owners.

Multinet Up, a financial technology company that provides payment system infrastructure to member businesses, makes a difference in the sector by supporting solutions that make life easier for its customers with innovative business models. Multinet Up, which includes 18 million Istanbulkart users in its ecosystem, offers Istanbulkart owners the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of Multinet Up technology in cafes, restaurants and markets.

Multinet Up, which has transformed the sectors in all its fields of activity and pioneered the digital transformation of its stakeholders since the day it was founded, always breaks grounds and innovations. Multinet Up, which launched the contactless payment in 2014 for the first time and launched the mobile wallet application MultiPay since 2015, broke new ground with the MultiPOS application that it launched last year. It started a new era in payment systems by enabling them to receive payments.

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