Comprehensive Cleaning in Nursing Homes and Elderly Care Centers in Istanbul

Comprehensive cleaning in nursing homes and elderly care centers in istanbul
Comprehensive cleaning in nursing homes and elderly care centers in istanbul

IMM, between 18-21 November, suitable nursing home in Istanbul and perform a thorough cleaning of case studies in elderly care centers. The gardens and surroundings of 119 facilities throughout Istanbul were washed without distinction between public and private. A total of 90 personnel took part in cleaning activities. Work in IMM's harmless to health and pressurized water disinfectant produced on-site were used.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) carried out a comprehensive cleaning work in nursing homes and elderly care centers where individuals over the age of 65 live intensely as part of the fight against coronavirus. During the work carried out between November 18-21, by IMM Directorate of Environmental Protection and Control Department of Waste Management and ISTAÇ, cleaning services were provided to the facilities available throughout Istanbul.


Head of IMM Environmental Protection and Control Department Prof. Dr. Ayşen Erdinçler stated that the aim of the study is to provide maximum protection to the elderly population most affected by the pandemic. Expressing that IMM is working to increase the living standards of 16 million Istanbulites in every field, Erdinçler stated that they serve 119 facilities in total in cleaning works. 14 of them public, while 105 said it was privately owned.


Nursing staff on duty and made 90 for washing the environment with gardens of elderly care centers. The teams performed a total of 30 shifts. In addition to the use of special clothing, masks and gloves against coronavirus, the social distance rule was also meticulously followed in the studies that lasted for 4 days.


Cleaning activities were carried out with disinfectant and pressurized water produced in cooperation with IMM Health Department and İSTAÇ. The local disinfectant of IMM, which has the same structure as 100 percent natural biocide Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) in the human body, does not harm health.


The wastes of the domestic disinfectant, whose active ingredient has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is easily destroyed in the nature. It does not have a negative effect on the health of not only humans but also animals and plants. It can be used to purify the surface, air and environment. It is applied by spraying, pouring, wiping and fogging methods.

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