İmamoğlu: 'Marathon, Spark of Istanbul's Olympic Spirit'

imamoglu marathon is the spark of the Olympic spirit of Istanbul
imamoglu marathon is the spark of the Olympic spirit of Istanbul

“42. N Kolay Istanbul Marathon was run from the European side to Asia for the first time in its history. Another "first" of the historical marathon, which was held with a special track arrangement in accordance with the pandemic rules, was that the athletes crossed the 15 July Martyrs' Bridge twice. IMM President, who crosses the bridge from time to time by walking and from time to time running. Ekrem İmamoğlu“I think that this marathon today is the spark of the Olympic spirit of Istanbul,” he said.

Organized by Spor Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), “42. N Kolay Istanbul Marathon” was run. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, came to the starting area of ​​the marathon with his wife Dilek İmamoğlu and his son Semih İmamoğlu. The start of the marathon, unlike previous years, was given from Yenikapı within the scope of pandemic measures. Deputy Governor of Istanbul Niyazi Erten, CHP Istanbul Provincial President Canan Kaftancıoğlu, Spor A.Ş. General Manager Renay Onur, Athletics Federation President Fatih Çintımar and race sponsor Aktif Bank General Manager Serdar Sümer. First, skate and wheelchair races were started, respectively. Before the start of the 42-kilometer Elite Men's and Women's competitions, a moment of silence was held for 114 citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake in Izmir.


Speaking before the race, İmamoğlu stated that the Istanbul Marathon is a worldwide organization. Expressing his gratitude to the people, institutions and organizations who contributed to the organization, İmamoğlu said, “In such a beautiful organization, all sensitivity towards Kovid was observed. Of course, he would have liked to start this race on the bridge with hundreds of thousands of Istanbulites. But the world and our country are going through such an important process. I hope we will give the same start with hundreds of thousands in our Istanbul, which has overcome all its problems next year. "We would like to thank all our guests who attended, our Istanbul deputies, our CHP provincial chairman and all our friends."

Prayer to the martyrs of the 15th of July

The İmamoğlu couple and their delegation then moved to the 2th of July Martyrs Bridge, where the contestants will make a special pass twice this year. İmamoğlu, who visited the July 15 Martyrs Monument on the bridge, prayed in the area where the names of the martyrs of the treacherous coup attempt were written. Later, İmamoğlu, who stepped the bridge with the magnificent view of the Bosphorus, walked from time to time and ran from time to time. Greeting the contestants who wished him 'get well soon', İmamoğlu said in a statement he made by walking on the bridge:


“Here, as every year, let's walk with hundreds of thousands of our citizens, in the name of peace, friendship and health, in the name of all good feelings, at the junction of two continents, from Asia to Europe; but unfortunately Covid-19 prevented it. Anyway, we provided our athletes with the opportunity to pass by providing health conditions. Specific to this year, athletes will cross from Europe to Anatolia for the first time, and then again from Anatolia to Europe. So they will have crossed the bridge twice. A very precious and special moment for them. Hopefully next year with our citizens from Istanbul, we want to overcome this Kovid process with reason and science and let us experience that enthusiasm here again. Today, I think this marathon is the spark of Istanbul's Olympic spirit. It would suit Istanbul very well in the Olympics. Because Istanbul is a city full of people with a sports culture. The most beautiful symbol of this is this run. I hope, in the near future, in the shortest terms, we will organize the Olympics together in Istanbul. kazanwe'll go."


Historical marathon kazanmoments are in men; Kenyan athlete Benard Cheruiyot Sang became the Kenyan athlete Diana Chemtai Kipyogei in women. Sang, who became the champion in the men's category, received his trophy and award from the İmamoğlu couple.

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