İmamoğlu: 'We Want the Earthquake Council to Be Established'

We want the imamoglu earthquake council to be formed
We want the imamoglu earthquake council to be formed

Answering the questions of journalists after the "Story of Atatürk's Photographs" exhibition, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu said that this week, four important agenda items regarding the earthquake were presented to the IMM Assembly. Underlining the importance of the formation of the Earthquake Council, Imamoglu said, "This business has no party, municipality or ministry".

Responding to journalists' questions after the exhibition “The Story of Atatürk's Photographs” opened by IMM in Taksim, İmamoğlu said that they presented four important agenda items to the parliament regarding the earthquake. Giving information about the proposals, İmamoğlu said, “One of them is that we asked for the participation of the Assembly to discuss and turn our proposal regarding the council we shared with our Minister of Environment into a proposal. Another is that a plan note on the recycling of licensed buildings in accordance with the zoning plan existing in Istanbul from the past to the present is widespread throughout Istanbul. Another issue is to transform the roof spaces with a model or to transform the existing roof spaces into independent sections ”.


Emphasizing that they want the earthquake council to be formed, İmamoğlu said, “I repeat, if you do the transformation by the state, the Presidency announced, you are transforming 18 thousand buildings in 975 years. They express themselves, 6 million 750 thousand more buildings need to be transformed. What does that mean? 120 years. If you can not construct a system that takes into Citizens, neither Turkey nor could transform Istanbul do not encourage them, "he said.

İmamoğlu continued his words as follows: “Then we will have a society on limits in homes; Therefore, we must take all the steps that require massive, mobilization and determination in this process. This business has no party, municipality or ministry. All as a whole. Therefore, we want a participatory earthquake council to be formed. "



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