İmamoğlu made a statement from Covid-19 to Kanal Istanbul and on many issues

From imamogl to covid from channel istanbula and explanation on many issues
From imamogl to covid from channel istanbula and explanation on many issues

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluwas the guest of journalist İsmail Küçükkaya on Fox TV. İmamoğlu answered many questions of Küçükkaya, from the inspector investigation opened for Kanal Istanbul to the fight against Kovid-19.

Stating that Kanal Istanbul is not a "state" but an "election project", İmamoğlu said, "It's me, 'O inspector, O Minister of Interior; where were you? In the election, when my opponent was campaigning with the vehicles of IMM, where was the public source? I wondered if he was a 'public skater'? İmamoğlu responded to the implication of "separatist" made in the investigation documents by showing the map showing the route of Kanal Istanbul. İmamoğlu said, “You know what this is? I'm telling that inspector; I tell our Minister of the Interior, who lost his neutrality by saying, 'I dictated the language of the inspector, I had him signed' and he showed it with his words: This is separatism. Sharing the information that 70 percent of the lands around Kanal Istanbul belong to private individuals, İmamoğlu said that the 7 million square meter plot has changed hands in the last 40 years. Noting that the number of deaths in Istanbul increased more than twice compared to November of the previous year, Imamoglu said, “The deaths exceeded 3 in the last 400 days of November this year”. İmamoğlu called for HEPP records to be shared with them within the scope of effective fight against Kovid-19.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluHe was a guest of the program "Democracy Square with İsmail Küçükkaya" broadcast on Fox TV. İmamoğlu answered Küçükkaya's questions about the current issues in a live broadcast. İmamoğlu's answers to Küçükkaya's questions were as follows, according to the subject headings.


"Relevant to the situation in Istanbul and in Turkey, how do we find a solution? The number of cases in IMM, which was approximately 800 in April-May, has now exceeded 2000. This means it goes almost 3 times. The Science Advisory Board formed by IMM says, 'This is growing very fast, it is spreading very quickly, it has become very common now; closure is a must. ' I got out, explained it. For God's sake, did you understand anything from the measures taken? I dont understand anything. This job is serious business now. I know the devoted work of the healthcare professionals and the Minister of Health, but we have to shut down. Of course, we are in a difficult situation. But didn't they say; "A strong state is the state that stands by its nation in difficult times." They said; we will always be with you. There is a possibility and risk that tomorrow will reach a level that we cannot avoid the next day. First, we will keep our people alive.

The state keeps its people alive. IMM President does not want to talk about them. What is easiness? Sit back, watch! However, we do not have the decision-making power. Of course I can't. I am a responsible manager. "


“There is a HES application. Pretty good. Me; The Minister does not find it unfair, the Governor does not find it wrong. We beg, we say; 'HES implementation is a very valuable thing to reduce the number of contamination, I congratulate you, thank you. Let's do HES application in buses. Give us the patients' information. Let us cancel them from the system, even when a patient gets on the bus, such an alarm sounds so that it is clear that he is sick and the necessary action is taken. ' They say things like sharing personal data. Either I am part of the state; don't. It turns into: 'Sir, send us the list of riders. Let's see which patients got on. ' What if I send it 1 day after getting on board? Without integration and coexistence, it is not possible. "


“There is something else in Istanbul: Today we are on Friday. I performed the Friday prayer at the historical Murat Pasha Mosque in Aksaray last week. I got in; 70 percent of the congregation is foreign national. Imam Effendi had to warn and remove those who broke the order. How much do foreigners there understand what we are telling about the measure? According to the United Nations report; There are around 1 million 660 thousand refugees and asylum seekers in Istanbul. 'Miss Uganda' was elected in Esenyurt! From here I am calling on the Ministry of Interior. Let them give us a list of the countries that implement HEPP. Let us apply HES to foreigners at their entrance to our country. Winter is coming, people cannot pray outside, they try to collapse inside. From here, I am calling the Istanbul Mufti, our Governor. Let them take measures on Friday. It has already been taken. It was not visited for a while. Look, don't close; 3 weeks off. We cannot get anywhere by talking about the mosque or the bus. Belgium is 8 in 1 of us. We have 2-3 times more patients, 2-3 times more deaths there. If we are so successful, let me be a victim and tell the whole world about it. "


“After my social media posts about the increase in the number of deaths, Mr. Minister called me, 'What if it weren't on Twitter…'. I said Mr. Minister; 'I have been sharing this issue with you since April.' I called him two or three times on this issue. I said 'You told me completely different things'. Today I live in my neighborhood and I am really hesitant. People currently have difficulty finding a place in hospitals. "We are working for the necessary measures," he said. 'I want to help you. I want to show the magnitude of the work, 'I said. Do you know what our total death toll on November 17? 410. Number of deaths from infectious diseases on the same day, 164. I am only telling Istanbul. November 18; The total number of deaths is 424, the number of infectious diseases is 167. Yesterday, I was at the parliament. It ended at 11 am. An interface fell out of sadness. The total number of deaths reached 441 yesterday. Total number of deaths from communicable diseases, 180. Only in Istanbul. "


“In the last 3 days, tetrahedral numbers are going for the first time in Istanbul's history. Do you know what the average daily death in November last year in Istanbul? The daily average is about 205. It has doubled. The number of deaths we have reached in Istanbul from 1 March to 19 November is 10 thousand 681. Only Istanbul. I scream: 'All together, I want a 3-week closure together.' In its report, our IMM Science Advisory Board says, "Unless there is a complete closure, the desired result will not be achieved and limited measures may start a period that will have more serious consequences in this sense." Remember, we are a nation that has a holiday of 11-12-13 days during periods that coincide with national and religious holidays. We are used to closing our businesses. Let's do it please. We will keep our people alive. We will overcome our economic difficulties altogether. I hesitate. "


“I would like to say a short and concise sentence to the Minister (Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment and Urbanization): A minister whose name says 'environment' and 'urbanism' will be held here, with the channel called 'freedom of the Bosphorus' with Suez. Parallel with Panama… So what shall I say? I can't find words to describe. He talks about contact, Mr. Minister. How many invitations we have. We have a presentation, we have a briefing, we have a panel about the channel. How many times have I been invited. Have they been interested and responded to our invitation; they didn't. Did they send a representative; they did not send. I was not satisfied with that either. I made the book of the workshop and sent it to their respective offices. Nearly 30 scientists made their reports into books; I sent it. Did you turn and say, "Mr. İmamoğlu, what do you think?" Mr. Minister? You came to Istanbul in these critical times, processes. Did you say 'Dear İmamoğlu, let's talk about this for 2 hours, tell us'? He gave an example from Melen. About Melen, the deceased President Demirel takes the General Director of DSI with him, takes his minister with him, comes to Istanbul, about Melen, our current President, Mr. Erdogan, is visiting him while he was mayor. "


“Now let's get to the subject of investigation. On Friday, I received an inquiry letter. I was horrified when I read it. By the way, I would like to thank Meral Akşener for her sensitivity. On Friday, after I received this letter, I had a visit to Mr. Akşener. I didn't know he was going to participate in your program. I told them, because I was so sad. I was terrified. According to Article 123 of the Constitution, the inspector claims that I took an action that violates the administrative integrity. More than that; 1 full page implies about me like "The separatist state does not recognize the authority". Come on from there. Who are you For one thing, he is the divisive. He wrote this, drew up an indictment and asked me to testify. Some will come out and say; 'No separatism, perception makes. It is only asked to express from wasting public funds… 'Get over these things.'


“Kanal Istanbul project is an election project. It's called 'crazy project'. Istanbul has no tolerance for madness. You've already made Istanbul crazy. This is a project that was launched in 2011 with the crazy project concept. Exactly 9 years later, it came up again with a controversial EIA report. Tens of thousands of citizens of Istanbul, including myself, filed an appeal against the EIA report. Dozens of lawsuits were filed. I also have a case; There are both personal and corporate. Do you know what is called 'the lawsuit processes are not over, the EIA report has not been clarified' in technical language? It is not yet a project, it is a project. "


“70 percent of the land here is now privately owned. When it was first explained, the definition was: 'We will not reveal the details of this project to anyone. We want no advantage. ' Today, 70 percent belong to their personal property. According to our findings, 3 million square meters have recently changed hands in just 5-40 years. (Showing the map showing the route of Kanal Istanbul) Do you know what this is? I'm telling that inspector; I also tell our dear Minister of Interior, who lost his neutrality by saying 'I dictated the language of the inspector, I signed it': This is separatism. Now they have achieved the 'state project.' There is no such concept. This is election propaganda. At the end of the day it became so personal; A land project, 70 percent personalized; how the state project. While our minister of 'environment' and 'urbanism' describes this place with the Bosphorus, he forgets Montreux, while equating it with Suez and Panama, which are built to prevent the thousands of kilometers from being entangled. This issue has been talked about for 5 days. Nobody calls and says 'Dear İmamoğlu, what do you think about this?'


“In my written statement, I said that this was not a state project and that such a statement could not be found. Let's get to the public part of this. We are fighting for children. We give account of a single penny for them. But I really need to shout, 'O inspector, O Minister of Internal Affairs; where were you? In the election, when my opponent was campaigning with the vehicles of IMM, where was the public source? Was he a 'public submissive'?

Where was this meticulousness when Mr. Interior Minister landed in Gaziosmanpaşa with the state helicopter? Mr. President held five meetings a day in Istanbul. I know the cost of these rallies, because the source of all this cost came from our campaign team.

The Ministry of Interior is not an authority that will lose its neutrality. I would like to state that I will not only give a statement, but also exercise all my legal rights. "


“I try to be so sensitive and meticulous about earthquakes. While giving an example, I say 'A party B party'. I make this issue a national issue. Earthquake is a state strategy, a national mobilization. Istanbul earthquake, indeed, a problem of independence of Turkey. If oxa Istanbul, Turkey's whole heart is stuck. 50 percent of imports, 60 percent of exports and 35-40 percent of national income are in Istanbul. The real question we have to talk about is not 'what will we do after the earthquake'. Topic; 'What are we going to do until that point?' We need to talk about this. Istanbul has to be transformed, not strengthened. The cost of transforming Istanbul is a budget of at least 350-400 billion. "


“According to the scientific research conducted in 2018, at least 48 thousand buildings will be heavily damaged after the earthquake. This means destruction. 146 thousand buildings are moderately damaged. As a pilot area, we are conducting tests in Avcılar and Silivri. Sometimes our hands and arms are tied. 30 percent of our citizens in Silivri and 21 percent in Avcılar do not let us have their homes tested. He doesn't want to face this reality. Because we haven't yet offered him any opportunity. I have also listened to the Minister, I do not doubt anyone's good will; But if we do not integrate this strategy, we cannot find a solution to the earthquake. As soon as I got better, I went to Izmir. In the last two days of my quarantine, I called the minister's office and said 'If they are in Izmir on Friday, I want to come and visit them'. Positive feedback was made; but it was canceled on the last day. "


“I want to talk about the importance of the Earthquake Council. Luxury buildings are not transformations. Bağcılar and Bahçelievler examples are examples of urban transformation. We will include not only state institutions, but also financial institutions such as banks and insurance institutions, politics will not interfere with common sense. Yesterday, an arrangement was passed unanimously for Güngören. It had been in Avcılar before. With this arrangement, you can now transfer people from the old building to the new building with the same rights, if you have a license and zoning. The need for this arose from the reservations of our citizens due to the differences in the plans of the old and the new building in the previous activities in urban transformation. Let's say the citizen has a five-storey building, it will not be less storied, but it will have 5 floors. "


“We have a financial model in urban transformation. Instead of leaving the citizen and the contractor alone and causing problems, let's not allow disagreement. Our finance model; On the one hand, KİPTAŞ, TOKİ or another institution of the district municipality, a system consisting of citizens, contractors and banks. The citizen should make an agreement with KİPTAŞ, then find the financing from the bank, the contractors with the license should be given this job and the building of the citizen should be transformed. Citizens should benefit from the benefits that may arise during transformation. If he cannot afford it, he should make low-interest loan agreements with banks, which we are in contact with. Let's provide a solution to the problem of the citizens with low interest and long term payments. With these methods, we will transform 190 independent sections in Bağcılar and 150 independent sections in Tuzla. But these policies should return to cooperation. "


“When I spoke with the minister in February, he liked our idea and even stated that he wanted to add it to his program. I said 'I would be honored'. I wanted to meet our delegations. Disasters and pandemics intervened. Our delegation went to Ankara recently. There were two important points of the tour; one is the earthquake council, and the other is the solution to the bad scenery in Fikirtepe. They looked very positively to the earthquake council from the two subjects described, but 2.5 months have passed. I'm not waiting for an invitation, nor do they expect an invitation from me. My wish to the Minister: I would like him to meet with us on problems such as urban planning and Kanal Istanbul. The minister has a saying to me like 'When you wanted to, we couldn't meet'. Actually, it is not like that. I will say, 'Please let's meet immediately about the earthquake, we will share with you what we have' ”


“A change has been made in UKOME representatives. Representatives unrelated to the subject were sent. I'm sure they and their superior are saying, 'Why did we come here? They want the political mechanism to have more representatives than the decision-making mechanism of the municipality, to have a majority. It is the advisor of blocking work. However, there is huge support. I am against a handful of people trying to earn rent on taxi license plates. I'm with the license plate holder and the taxi shopkeepers. We are one of the worst taxi cities in the world. The taxi driver is not winning. Rent prices are at the ceiling. When he doesn't win, he chooses lines and passengers. The number of taxis has not increased for 30 years. When these negativities come together, other actors come into play. Everyone is disturbed by this. The laborer is not happy either. We will fix this. We will establish a transportation academy. We will give a status and a certificate to those who will become taxi drivers in this academy. We will provide a protocol text that will secure the taxi driver. We will bring digital payments. We will equip the taxis with a system that will not drive them around in traffic. We will work on a taxi model specific to the city. We will protect the driver's safety and public health. With the order we will put, tradesmen, everyone from Istanbul will win. UKOME will take a decision, we will prepare the strategy of 5 thousand taxis for Istanbulites. We will put out a tender with the rental model. "

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