Countdown to Transition to Message Management System Has Started, Last Day is November 30, 2020!

The countdown has started at night, last day is November
The countdown has started at night, last day is November

📩 27/11/2020 15:38

Countdown has begun in Message Management System, Last Day is November 30, 2020 !; The period of sending commercial promotional messages (telephone, sms, e-mail, etc.) by natural or legal persons outside the Message Management System (IMS) platform, after 30 November 2020, ends. The countdown has begun for the transition to İYS.

Within the scope of the Law No. 6563 and the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages, until 30 November 2020, the Message Management System (İYS) must be transferred to. In accordance with the regulation, data not transferred to the IYS system will be considered invalid as of December 1, 2020, and sending commercial promotional messages to recipients (target audience) is illegal. Another issue is that Message-30, Message-5 and Message-25 - level 75 services will be provided free of charge for one year to all service providers who complete their applications until 1 November.

Unsolicited messages that are sent frequently to the point of freaking out become history

The period of sending commercial electronic data (sms, phone, e-mail) to data that is not registered in the IMS system is now over and all existing data that the service providers do not upload to the system until November 30 will be deemed invalid. If we underline it again, service providers (real or legal persons) are required to upload all commercial electronic data belonging to their target audience to the İYS (Message Management System) platform until the end of 30 November. Another issue is that the burden of proof of all past permits transferred to the IYS is the responsibility of the service providers. As of December 1, they will send their messages using the IYS module, with the burden of proof on the IYS. For each message sent to the recipient, the recipient must be given the opportunity to reject. In essence, as of December 1, 2020, thanks to the İYS system, "unsolicited commercial messages", which in the past have come to the point of infuriating consumers due to frequent sending to consumers, are now becoming history.

After November 30, in the message management, penalties are on the way for those who act contrary!

After the Message Management System (IMS) platform started to be implemented as of December 1, complaints about those who act against the rules will be handled by the Provincial Directorates of Trade. While the administrative fine for commercial messages sent without the consent of consumers (buyers) varies between one thousand TL and 5 thousand TL, this penalty can be increased up to ten times when illegal commercial messages are sent to more than one person at a time. The penalties for those who act against the consumers' right to refuse may range from two thousand TL to fifteen thousand TL. In short, in order for service providers to successfully manage their business processes, they must first be registered with the IMS, then upload their authorized messages to the system, and it is imperative that they include introductory information and contact information in every message they send.

Onaysoft AŞ is a business partner of IYS

Service providers (real and legal persons) can add their own electronic data, as well as follow more than one number of businesses and brands from UYS, the technology leader of our country. They can complete the process quickly with the digital transformation experts of UYS, the business partner of the İYS, and successfully manage them from the UYS platform. It is possible to make all your commercial messages for promotional and advertising purposes, such as e-mail, voice calls, sms, that you send to your target audience (buyers) in a fast and secure way with the leading integrator, Uygunsoft, which has realized the end-to-end digital transformation of over 24 thousand customers in its 30th year.

İYS - What is the Message Management System?

Message Management System - IYS is a national web-based platform where all commercial electronic message permissions and complaint processes to be sent to citizens (buyers) are managed. No. 6563 by the Ministry of Commerce e-commerce laws and regulations about the scope of the Regulation, CMS AŞ formation of TOBB (Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) has been authorized by realized and TOBB. Under the laws and regulations, real and legal persons (service providers) will now have the right to send their commercial promotions and advertisements only to the citizens (buyers) who have permission. Another issue is that service providers do not require the consent of the recipient for informational messages such as debt or invoices.

How to register to the İYS system?

When we look at the registration stages of service providers to İYS; Real or legal institutions and organizations will enter the system with a MERSİS number. At the same time, they will also register the "trademark registration documents" of their trademarks to which they will send for promotion and information purposes. Other information such as the TR ID number, corporate e-mail address and mobile phone number of the authorized signatory of the service provider company are also available in the system.

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