Hyundai Joins IONITY, Europe's Most Extensive Charging Network

hyundai joins ionity, europe's most widespread charger
hyundai joins ionity, europe's most widespread charger

Hyundai continues its strategic and innovative breakthroughs with IONITY electricity charging stations, where it participates as a partner and shareholder. The group, which includes the strongest and most common charging stations in Europe, will provide fast and reliable charging with the Hyundai brand and thus ensure accessibility for EV vehicles.

Thanks to the stations frequently found on highways in Europe, the use and preference of such vehicles will be encouraged. The IONITY charging network uses the European CCS (Combined Charging System) charging standard. As the grid uses 100 percent renewable energy, electric vehicle drivers can also travel not only emission-free, but also CO2 neutral. Looking to expand electric mobility in Europe, Hyundai aims to increase its market share and sales through this partnership. The South Korean brand, which has become a part of IONITY with this important investment, will accelerate the production and development of electric cars to make daily life easier. With the IONIQ brand, Hyundai, which will introduce 4 new models next year, will increase its claim especially in electric SUVs.

The IONITY station network uses the latest technology in Europe with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW. While each charging station has an average of four charging points, 100 percent renewable energy stands out as a guarantee of sustainability. This joint venture, which includes the world's largest automotive manufacturers, will become an even more useful and widespread network with Hyundai models and the brand's experience in the field of mobility.

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