Hyundai Reaches Top 5 in Interbrand Automotive Category

Hyundai Reaches Top 5 in Interbrand Automotive Category
Hyundai Reaches Top 5 in Interbrand Automotive Category

Hyundai Motor Company continues to reap the rewards of its investments in its models and brand name. The South Korean brand continues to increase its global brand value and penetration among automakers, according to Interbrand's “2020 Best Global Brands” study. According to the research and survey, Hyundai increased its brand value by 1 percent compared to the previous year, to 14,3 billion dollars. With this important value, it rose to the fifth place among automotive brands. Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, which significantly affects all industries, especially automotive, Hyundai also ranks 36th in the overall ranking.

Being among the top 40 global companies for six years in a row, Hyundai has been among the top 2005 brands since 100. Standing out with its investments in mobility and electrification as well as quality and comfort in products, Hyundai also underlined that it will follow a more effective and more technological path in the future with its IONIQ sub-brand announced in 2020.

Aiming to take a greater role in the automotive world with the new electric models it will put on the market under the name of IONIQ in the next four years, Hyundai will run to the leadership by using its experience in technology without limit. The creation of the IONIQ brand also means a rapid response to the rapidly growing electric car demand.

Another attack that helped Hyundai increase its brand value is its investment in hydrogen fuel cell technology. Strengthening its position in the rapidly changing transportation sector, the brand recently introduced the world's first mass-produced fuel cell electric heavy commercial truck and even delivered the first seven units to its customers in Switzerland. The production capacity of fuel cell trucks will reach 2021 units a year by 2.000 in the European, American and Chinese markets as demand for mobility increases.

Hyundai is also working hard to tackle urban traffic problems, focusing on air mobility (UAM) accordingly. Hyundai will continue to build innovation laboratories and R&D centers around the world to strengthen and lead the industry in other mobility areas such as wearable robots, automation, autonomous driving cars and flying vehicles.

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