Great Interest in Başkent Ankara Village Houses Project

great interest in the project of baskent ankara cove houses
great interest in the project of baskent ankara cove houses

📩 19/11/2020 14:47

The Capital Ankara Village Houses Project (BAŞAK Project), which is among the election promises of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş and prepared to support rural development, attracts great attention. Citizens who want to build houses in their neighborhood or rural areas; For ground survey, architectural, static, electrical and mechanical projects, they can choose one of 11 types of houses at no charge. Building projects started to be delivered to citizens with reduced costs and savings.

Citizens show great interest in the Capital Ankara Village Houses Project (BAŞAK Project), which was implemented by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş to support rural development in the capital.

Construction projects have begun to be delivered to citizens who want to build 11 types of houses in their neighborhoods or rural areas and apply for the project.


Citizens who paid no fee to the Metropolitan Municipality for ground survey, architectural, static, electrical and mechanical projects lined up to benefit from the BAŞAK Project.

The village to reverse migration to urban and rural areas in order to encourage settlement in the area was first initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey VIRGO preservation of architecture indigenous to the project and is aimed at, continued.


Stating that citizens in 5 neighborhoods with a population of less than 903 thousand people in Ankara can benefit from the project, Metropolitan Municipality Department of Zoning and Urbanization Department Rural Planning Branch Manager Erinç Üçkardeşler gave the following information:

“We have some goals in Ankara's plan decisions. Promoting agriculture in rural areas, increasing employment in agriculture and ensuring migration from the city to the village, which we call reverse migration. With this philosophy, we produced 11 different types of projects in line with the request of our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Mansur Yavaş. Our main goal was to make it easier for our citizens to build in rural residential areas through these projects. After connecting the legislative provisions to the decision of the municipal council, we determined the rural residential areas. We are continuing the process with the contribution of the district municipalities. "

Ekin Ceren Akbaş Örs, one of the architects of the Rural Planning Branch of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization, shared the details of the project that will contribute to rural development by reversing migration from the village to the city.

“The Capital Ankara Village Houses Project is a very advantageous project for our citizens who want to revive the old texture of village houses in Ankara and reverse migration to the city and return from cities to villages. Citizens are exempted from all project costs until the construction phase. At the same time, our efforts continue to provide exemption from some of the expenses charged by our district municipalities. Citizens applying are extremely satisfied. There are 11 different types of projects they can request. We can make minor changes in interior spaces in line with the wishes of our citizens. "


Stating that they have achieved very special advantages and great savings by having the projects of their houses built in their neighborhoods within the scope of the BAŞAK Project by the Metropolitan Municipality, the applicants expressed their opinions as follows:

  • Free Bozkurt: “I've been following the project from the very beginning. In fact, I am one of the first applicants to the project. The Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, mentioned this during his district visits. I also followed the project. I will build my house on my land in Kahramankazan Kışla District. As our costs have dropped drastically, the Metropolitan Municipality has undertaken almost half the cost. Metropolitan is a secret hand helping citizens here. We are exempt from costs such as license fee, road participation fee, numbering fee and most importantly the project. I have a wife of 30-35 thousand TL. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Mansur Yavaş, from his engineer to his architect, from technicians to technicians who contributed. "
  • İhsan Köprübaşı: “Before the election, our Mansur president had announced his projects to support the return of citizens to the villages. In order to build a house in our village, there was an expense of 20 thousand TL when talking about the project, settlement and license. I will build a house on the land in Temelli Çokören Quarter. We had the project prepared and approved. "
  • Esra Yildiz: “In 2019, we had received information about the start of this project of our Mansur president. Then we started to wait for the day when this project will take place. After learning about the advantages of this project, we applied. We are very happy right now. We did not pay any project costs for our house. We would like to thank our President Mansur for providing the opportunity to go to villages from cities, apartments, especially for those who do not have a home, especially due to the earthquake. "

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