Goodness Points from Izmir Metropolitan to Tent Areas

Goodness Points from Izmir Metropolitan to Tent Areas
Goodness Points from Izmir Metropolitan to Tent Areas

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to heal the wounds of the earthquake. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. who visited the wreckage areas and tent areas yesterday evening. Buğra Gökçe explained that they have established good points in order to deliver aid to citizens from a single point by coordinating the aid in a healthy way.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been carrying out both search and rescue and aid activities with all its teams since the first moment of the earthquake, announced that they established wellness centers near tent areas and wreckage areas. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality General Sector Dr. Buğra Gökçe said that many services will be provided from a single point in kindness centers. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality deputy secretary general Ertuğrul Tugay, Yıldız Devran and department heads and Bornova and Bayraklı İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. who visited demolition areas and tent areas in the region. Buğra Gökçe stated that the Metropolitan Municipality is on the field with all its strength and 5 personnel, and that they support search and rescue, aid and temporary resettlement.

No need to eat

Thanking the charitable and municipalities for their support, Gökçe said, “Especially many of our philanthropists, municipalities in and out of the city are in an extraordinary mobilization to serve food and feed people. We thank them endlessly. The issue of food distribution has reached saturation. In particular, we can advise municipalities and charitable people who want to send food to be calm. Because this is not an urgent need right now. There is an overcrowding created by this in many fields. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Bayraklı We ask them to be in contact with the municipality ”.

Citizens will meet their needs from a point

Saying that they have established benevolence points near the wreckage areas and tent areas in order for citizens to access services in a tidy manner, Gökçe said: “Our citizens' needs for toilet, shower, laundry, food, food and hygiene products will be met from these points. Again, 'what will my house be?', 'Will I be able to get rent allowance?' There are questions like. Our citizens will access the services of the Metropolitan Municipality from a single point. At these points, he will wash clothes and, if necessary, buy clothes. There is a mobile market inside. We will provide your needs by obtaining an identity number. In addition to food and drink, everything it will need such as sleeping bag, mat, searchlight, tube lighting, and tube heating will be at these points. Thanks to the good points that will consist of tents, containers or trucks, we will be able to coordinate the needs of our citizens in a healthy way and deliver them to them. "

We are always behind you

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe reminded that those who want to support and contribute to earthquake victims can follow the announcements in the social media accounts of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality or Bizİzmir digital platforms, and said: we do our best to make them comfortable. May our citizens have good cheer. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is a powerful and big institution. We will always be behind our earthquake victims. We want them to trust us. We receive the support of all organs of our state. Our municipality anywhere in Turkey rushed to our aid. We thank them very much and ask them to work in coordination with us ”.

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