Young Business People's Route Sri Lanka

young business people route sri lanka
young business people route sri lanka

While foreign trade balances are further deteriorating during the corona crisis process, who are determined to be a little ointment for the bleeding wound EGİAD-Ege Young Business People Association continues to provide consultancy to its members with the "Foreign Trade Ambassadors" program it organizes.

60% of its members have partnerships with foreign partnerships, foreign trade and similar ways, and its portfolio includes companies from industry, agriculture, and service sectors, primarily in textile, food, machinery, construction, automotive, electrical-electronics, iron and steel. EGİADis working hard to close the export gap with the Foreign Trade Ambassadors Program it initiated. Wanting to speed up the process of opening up young business people abroad, to reduce costs in this process and to eliminate the negative effects of Kovid-19 EGİADThis time, it discussed Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, with the "Foreign Trade Ambassadors" that it started to advise its members on foreign trade. At the meeting EGİAD Onur Öktem, a member of the Board of Directors of Ontan İnşaat and Selçuk Şahbazlar, Chairman of Ontan İnşaat Contracting Group, took part as guest speakers.

A central stopover used for trade extensively on the historical Silk Road by the Ottomans, Sri Lankan has been under the spotlight by young business people. Turkey - Sri Lanka began its trading subsidiaries increased in recent years EGİAD also took action for cooperation. The strong economic relationship between the two countries, the visits of official and private sector delegations in the past years and the steadily growing relationship will put a brick young business people. The value of the total trade turnover between the two countries increased from 2005 million dollars in 97 to 2016 million dollars in 223, an increase of 2005 percent compared to 130. Stating that this figure will gain an increasing momentum with the work to be done and the Free Trade Agreements to be signed. EGİAD Chairman Mustafa Aslan, in cooperation spot with Sri Lanka's Turkey, noting that perform important steps in 2020, "Sri in February, immediately pre-pandemic Lanka's Ambassador to Turkey Muhammad Rizvi Hassan, Turkey and Sri had stepped to the development of Lanka relations. It made an attempt to avoid double taxation between countries and to sign customs cooperation agreements. In 1948, Turkey is the first country to recognize themselves when they gained their independence after the big Tsunami disaster in 2004, he had handed in their hands. At the time, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Sri Lanka and Turkey had major hospitals of temporary permits to build housing with. A new city called Kolomport is currently being built in Colombo. The country is open to foreign investors for hospital, hotel and housing constructions. Finally, I would like to remind you that Sri Lanka has free trade agreements with India and Pakistan. "Our business people already have potential in these countries, and in this sense, Sri Lanka can be a hub in terms of opening up to Africa."

For Sri Lanka EGİAD Ontan Construction Chairman Onur Öktem, who shared important information about the country as Foreign Trade Ambassador, stated that Sri Lanka has a strategic importance, “It has a strategic location thanks to its location on the main sea routes in the Indian Ocean and its deep ports. The capital, Colombo, has one of the largest ports in the world and is of great importance for Asian continent trade. As of 2020, the country, which is the 56th largest economy in the world, has a high development potential. Mining, food, textile, chemical products are important for trade. Increasing infrastructure and real estate investments also attract capital from abroad ”.



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