Gaziantep Metropolitan Coated Arms For More Aesthetic Overpasses

gaziantep has raised its arms for bigger and more aesthetic upper passages
gaziantep has raised its arms for bigger and more aesthetic upper passages

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has started the repair and renovation work on all overpasses in the city center.

Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out the maintenance and repairs of pedestrian overpasses that ensure the safe crossing of citizens in heavy traffic and aim to reduce the pedestrian density in traffic, is strengthening, renovating and renewing the broken evenings. With the arrival of the winter months, the metropolitan took precautions on the overpasses, and attached anti-slip tapes to the stairs of all overpasses. When the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Urban Aesthetics are completed, a new aesthetic appearance will be provided in 15 overpasses in the city. Special measures are also taken in order not to obstruct the traffic flow in the renovation works on the passages that will be painted from the beginning to the end. On the other hand, due to the aging of the overpass in Kayaönü, work will be done with a completely new design.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, seeing the infrastructure and superstructure of the city as a whole, adds overpasses, parks and stops along with the infrastructure to its renovation works.

📩 27/11/2020 15:27

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