Electronic Period on Warranty Documents and Service Receipts

Electronic Period on Warranty Documents and Service Receipts
Electronic Period on Warranty Documents and Service Receipts

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that the warranty certificates and service vouchers, which are now mandatory to be given to consumers in writing on paper, are now enabled to be given to consumers electronically.

Minister Pekcan evaluated the changes made in the Warranty Certificate, After Sales Services and Introduction and User Manual Regulations published in the Official Gazette today.

According to current regulations; Reminding that the warranty documents prepared by the manufacturer or importer of the product and the delivery documents and service receipts issued by the service stations within the scope of after-sales services are signed and stamped on paper, Pekcan pointed out that consumers who lost the warranty certificate or service slip of the product they purchased may experience grievances in case of dispute. .

Explaining that this causes bureaucracy and costs for companies, Pekcan said, on the other hand, application of documents on paper during the current pandemic period also increased the risk of contact.

Stating that in order to eliminate these negativities, Pekcan stated that they have implemented the legal infrastructure that allows the warranty certificates and service vouchers to be given to consumers electronically, and explained the regulations made with the amendment of the regulation as follows:

“In the new period, the warranty documents, the delivery documents given when the product is delivered to the service station, and the service slips issued by the service station will be given to the consumers electronically with the permanent data storage.

If the consumer demands, these documents will have to be given in writing and in hard copy. Signature and stamp condition will not be required for the said documents submitted electronically.

As in the current practice, the burden of proof that the document is given to the consumer in the documents given in electronic environment will be on the seller of the product.

The consumer will receive confirmation in writing or electronically that the service vouchers and delivery documents are given to the consumer. The burden of proof of the consumer's approval will be at the service station.

Obligation of warranty certificate for tablets, drones, electric skateboards and smart watches

Explaining that the List of Mandatory Products with Warranty Certificate was also revised to comply with the changes made in the After Sales Services Regulation last February, Pekcan said, “In this context, tablets, drones, electric skateboards, smart watches and wristbands, book readers for the visually impaired, virtual reality glasses, ATVs products such as vehicles, motor bikes, motor scooters, yachts, smart homes and automation systems must also be sold with warranty certificates. " said.

Editing in Introductory and User Manuals

Stating that the introduction and user manuals are also available to consumers electronically, Pekcan stated that with the new regulation, information on how to access this manual on the product or its packaging will be provided.

Pekcan, in order to ensure that consumers reach the correct and up-to-date authorized services when they need after-sales service, the authorized service stations for the product and the places where spare parts can be obtained, the manufacturer's or importer's corporate website and the Service Information System (www.servis.gov) created by the Ministry. He emphasized that it is obligatory to include the information on the website addressed .tr) in the introduction and user guide.

Pekcan added that the changes made in these regulations will come into force as of January 1, 2021.

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