Operators: Continue to Distribute Free Internet Packages

free internet packages
free internet packages

Internet packages As we approach the end of 2020, GSM companies aim to satisfy their existing subscribers and to attract new subscribers. kazanto make free internet packages campaigns heated up the competition. GSM companies are trying to develop free internet packages for all postpaid and non-postpaid customers. Turkcell, Vodafone, Turk Telekom It continues its free internet package campaigns for its customers without slowing down. You can have free internet packages and enjoy the internet at the speed of light just by applying.

GSM companies that care about customer satisfaction try to support their customers during the pandemic process. Thanks to the developing technologies, while the areas of internet usage are increasing, this increase has peaked with the people who have to stay at home due to the pandemic spending more time on the internet. You can participate in these packages to have free GBs without paying the slightest fee and without being reflected on the bills.

Türk Telekom internet campaigns; In order to take advantage of the 4.5 G and 30 GB Free Internet campaign, customers must first change their 3G sim cards to 4.5 G sim cards for free.

After the new sim card is activated, it can benefit from the campaign by typing '4.5 G 30 GB' and sending 5555 sms. In addition, after logging in to online transactions, you can access up to 2 GB of internet with the 'Sil Süpür' application. kazanVodafone internet campaigns; By downloading the 'Vodafone Yanımda' application from Vodafone stores, you can access the internet. kazanit's warm. The internet campaign, which offers 5 GB for weekly use, is activated even after downloading the application. By downloading the Vodafone Self Service application on the Play Store, your internet package is instantly defined to your line. You can have 15 GB internet package valid for 1 days for all postpaid Vodafone users who switch to Vodafone E-Invoice.

Turkcell Free Internet Packages

Turkcell free internet packages try to make Turkcell customers happy, both postpaid and prepaid. Many free internet campaigns are active in the system so far. Turkcell free internet You can choose the one that suits you among the campaigns in the system.

  • Salla Kazan

Shake once a week via Turkcell digital operator kazan you can perform the operation. Minimum gift 1 GB internet, minutes, sms or social media internet package kazanResist Shake Kazan Thanks to the campaign, you can provide an uninterrupted internet campaign.

  • BIP 1 GB Campaign

1 GB free internet by participating in the competition held in the BIP application kazanYou can get your chance. If Turkcell users download the BIP application for the first time, they will be assigned to 1 GB free internet package lines. Customers who use the BIP application will have activated the free internet package if they write PLUS 1 GB BIP and send 2222 SMS.

  • Comfortable Gift Offer 1 GB Campaign

By Turkcell customers with comfortable tariff subscriptions kazanWith this campaign, an additional 1 GB internet is active in the package.

  • Turkcell Free Internet Kazanma 

Customers registered to the Turkcell Platinum tariff are defined as a 24 GB free internet package valid for 1 hours on every birthday.

  • Turkcell GNÇ Crack Campaign

In the Çatlat campaign, where young people under the age of 26 can benefit twice a week according to the GNÇ tariff they subscribe to, Turkcell receives a free internet gift by cracking the egg in the GNÇ application.

  • 3 GB Free Internet for Bill Payments with Paycell

Using Paycell mobile application, 1 GB free internet for your first bill payment and 2 GB for your second bill payment kazanYou can seize the opportunity. In order to participate in the campaign, you have to send a free sms to 5955 by typing 'PAYCELL FATURA' and pay your bill.

  • Magazine 1 GB Free Internet Campaign

In order to reach its goal, Turkcell GSM company gives Turkcell free internet gift to its customers to use in the 'Dergilik' application.

  • Turkcell Yaani Free Internet Campaign

Turkcell users using the Yaani search engine search for Yaani 10 times within the first 20 days of downloading the application and provide 1 GB of free internet. kazanhe can.

It seems that the campaigns of free internet packages that confront GSM companies every day will be on the agenda for a long time. It is thought that Turkcell and Vodafone GSM companies will raise this category one click higher by organizing new campaigns on free internet packages.

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