Domestic and National 1D Cup for Formula 3 Istanbul Race Winners!

domestic and national cup for formula istanbul half winners
domestic and national cup for formula istanbul half winners

📩 14/11/2020 10:36

The winners of FORMULA 1 ™ Istanbul race will raise the trophies produced with Zaxe's 3D printers. After a nine-year hiatus to re-enter Formula 1 ™ race calendar Turkey, local and national Zax 3D printer manufacturer 3D printers come with the place where the cup produced with technology and engineering will show to the world.

Formula 1 ™ racing coupes and Turkey Aslan Ruso's largest manufacturer of 3D printers by local and national Isobar was produced by Zax 3D printer. Formula 1 ™, the 14th race of the season, Formula 1 ™ DHL Turkish Grand Prix 2020 will be held at Intercity Istanbul Park on November 9-13-14, after a 15-year break. Each race of Formula 1 ™, the world's largest and most popular motor sports organization, is watched by 150 billion people in more than 2 countries.

The championship trophies, specially designed by Intercity Istanbul Park, include important symbols of the city of Istanbul such as the 15th of July Martyrs' Bridge and Galata Tower. 5 kilos in weight and 50 cm in height produced the trophies, Isobar Turkey Aslan has been designed and produced by a team led by Zax 3D printers by Ruso.

Zaxe General Manager Emre Akıncı says, “We are very proud that the trophies to be given to the champions of Formula 1 ™ DHL Turkish Grand Prix 2020 are produced with our local and national Zaxe 3D printers.

Target technology export

Country of production economics for having strategic importance of 3D printers sector in Turkey and very quickly grew stated that the Raiders in the world, "Zax, Improve the local and national 3D printers with Turkey need to reduce the dependence on abroad required to the economy in terms of making our country the whole production that we need from a strategic perspective It will be of great benefit. Formula 1 ™ will also make us visible worldwide. "Our biggest goal is to be a technology exporting company with our new 3D printers we are developing."

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