Eskişehir's Future Investment Project Alpu Rail Systems Specialized Industrial Zone

Eskişehir's Future Investment Project Alpu Rail Systems Specialized Industrial Zone
Eskişehir's Future Investment Project Alpu Rail Systems Specialized Industrial Zone

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) held the introduction meeting of Alpu Rail Systems Specialized Industrial Zone, which will strengthen the industry of the city and create jobs and employment. The investment project that will make a great contribution to Eskişehir's industry and trade has been announced to the public.

The biggest dream of Eskişehir with the Alpu Rail Systems Specialized Industrial Zone planned to be built in the Alpu region; It will become a region related to the leading rail systems in its country that produces technology and markets its technology to the world. Speaking at the online promotion meeting of the project, ESO President Celalettin Kesikbaş said, “Eskişehir has more than 100 years of experience in the railway sector. This is a Tülomsaş story we all know. In addition, we have more than 50 supplier companies, our production capabilities related to rail systems are quite high. Most importantly, the URAYSİM project will add value to Eskişehir, one of the greatest gifts ever and a specialized OSB Uraysim to be established now. I always say that Eskişehir no longer has to tolerate wasting time on rail systems. " said.

It will create the infrastructure for Eskişehir's national cause

ESO President Kesikbaş stated that Eskişehir should take part in the rail systems project; “When we look at Turkey's rail systems targets, Eskişehir has many competitors. However, the fact that the center of rail systems is Eskişehir and that the high-speed train is produced in Eskişehir is Eskişehir's national cause. This project is an infrastructure to be created for this national cause. As ESO, we always say that we, as Eskişehir, must take part in all rail systems projects. Because there is an approximately 38 billion euro purchase created by this business. We also have a very valuable project called URAYSİM. It has been included in the 11th Development Plan. URAYSİM is established on an area of ​​700.000 m2 in Alpu, where the testing and certification of rail systems towing and towed vehicles at international standards can be carried out entirely within the country. In other words, it will be held in Eskişehir, Alpu. URAYSIM, kazanIt will be one of the most suitable areas for Eskişehir's 'National High Speed ​​​​Train Project' with its ability to increase. As ESO, we make great efforts to bring this investment to Eskişehir. If we create this infrastructure, these investments will change Eskişehir's environment in the future, and will provide work to Eskişehir. That's why we need to build the infrastructure for it from today. From this day on, we must make an effort to establish the Alpu Rail Systems Specialized Industrial Zone.” said.

We call it Alpu because

Explaining why the planned project from the smallest to the biggest factor should be done in Alpu, Kesikbaş said: “It is right next to and on the border of the URAYSİM Test Center, It is at the crossroads of transportation roads, Special supports provided to districts and specialized OIZs in investment incentives (5 Region), The land is very suitable for the OIZ, The slope of the land will reduce the initial investment cost, The land has been allocated in the master plan with a scale of 1 / 25.000, The construction of a mass treatment plant makes the investment attractive by reducing the unit investment costs, It is the region with the most reasonable prices, the opportunity to reduce energy costs due to its solar energy potential, and the region is not in an earthquake zone. For these reasons, we call it Alpu. "

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