EGİADWill Overcome the Covid-19 Crisis with E Commerce and Foreign Trade

egiad will hang the covid crisis with e-commerce and foreign trade
egiad will hang the covid crisis with e-commerce and foreign trade

As ministries, local administrations and political parties continue their struggle without slowing down regarding the coronavirus epidemic that has affected the world and killed thousands of people, one step is the Aegean Young Business People Association.  EGİADcame from.

All the world under its domain and related to corona virus outbreak spreading rapidly in Turkey EGİAD breaking a new ground again, it took action for any kind of support that its members may need. It decided to support its member companies, which lost revenue due to the pandemic, especially food, under many headings, including export, e-commerce, product purchase, and shopping.

Members of the Board of Directors and employees in the first days of the pandemic EGİAD Creating a Crisis Desk, the NGO continues to operate as a support and steering group for socio-economic processes that its members may need within the scope of Covid 19. In this context, as the first crisis desk established by the NGO, EGİAD Pandemic Crisis Desk met with its members to identify needs.


While the importance of state support and incentives was highlighted at the meeting, an open call was made to the government, emphasizing the importance of providing rent aid to the food and service sectors that have been locking their doors for months and the businesses connected to it. Speaking at the meeting EGİAD Reminding that the process that started as of March continues gradually, Mustafa Aslan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said, “We are waiting for another 6-month difficult process ahead of us. The business world is demanding that loan debts be postponed and incentives be given to turn the wheels. Especially food, service and businesses working in this sector have come to a standstill. Rental support has become a must for businesses that have to lock their doors and work at certain hours of the day ”.

Noting that, as a country, we are struggling collectively with a process that has not been experienced before, and the consequences and damages cannot be predicted before, Aslan said, “We are going through a difficult period in which we have to deal with economic and social problems as well as the health problems and concerns we experience. EGİAD Ş., we stand by our members and we have assumed important responsibilities for our members to overcome this process with the least damage and we will continue to do so. With the Covid 19 Crisis Desk that we established with the process that started with the detection of the first case, we receive the opinions and suggestions of our members, and we forward the reports on the support packages needed by our sectors to the relevant authorities.


Pressing the button for e-commerce and foreign trade training EGİAD, also plans to overcome the process with less damage by developing the e-commerce of its members and supporting it with foreign trade trainings. The NGO, which will start a series of online trainings for its members as of December, kazanIt will have opened its three doors for its members.


Emphasizing that human health is more important than anything else, Aslan pointed out that they took measures as an association in the light of recent developments; “By showing sensitivity in this matter, we suspended the physical activities of our association from the very first moment and gave our administrative staff the opportunity to work from home. In this direction, we broke a new ground, albeit by necessity, ”he said. Aslan emphasized that the NGO, which carried all its meetings to the digital platform, works continuously and said, “We carried all of our association meetings to digital environments. However, in this process, we managed to organize nearly 100 events ”.


  • To follow the state and financial supports updated regularly due to the crisis,
  • Lobbying activities of incentives and supports to alleviate sectoral losses in the crisis based on the feedback from our members,
  • To bring the troubles of our members with individual demands to the agenda,
  • Organizing aid campaigns to support external stakeholders
  • At the end of this process, the awareness has increased as much as possible, and to try to create a member and external stakeholder profile prepared for the new order.

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