EGİAD Takes Action to Heal the Wounds of the Earthquake

EGİAD Takes Action to Heal the Wounds of the Earthquake
EGİAD Takes Action to Heal the Wounds of the Earthquake

Unfortunately, the loss of life in the Izmir earthquake on October 30 is increasing day by day. While the treatment of the wounded continues, the wreckage studies continue uninterruptedly. Aid and support activities are also of great importance in these days when thousands of people who have left their homes and the survivors are starting their lives from scratch. kazanwas. It started to operate in the field from the first minutes of the earthquake. EGİAD Aegean Young Businessmen Association held an Emergency Executive Board Meeting with its members to expand the scope of aid. At the meeting, an Earthquake Coordination Committee was established within the association and it was decided to conduct earthquake surveys together with universities in the regions where member businesses are located.

After the earthquake in Izmir EGİAD The business world took action to help those who were harmed. Wishing condolence to those who lost their relatives and healing to the injured, Mustafa Aslan, the President of the Aegean Young Business People Association, conveyed his wishes to all Izmir residents. Taking action with the board of directors right after the earthquake EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mustafa Aslan, initiated the preparations for aid support package in coordination with its members. Aegean Young Business People Association, acting together with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, NGO Disaster Coordination Desk and Social Services, has expanded the list of needs to help with the Emergency Executive Board Meeting it organized with its members. Coordinating its members since the earthquake, logistics, food, water, clothing, hygiene kit, disinfectant, supplies, bed, blanket, mat, sleeping bag, carpet, table, chair, mobile WC, office support, wood, stove, pocket heater, included in the pallet, insulation plate donation and support EGİAD - Aegean Young Business People Association did not neglect to organize activities for the little ones in these days when children are severely traumatized.

We Are All Responsible Until the Earthquake Survivors Reach Level

EGİAD Speaking at the meeting, where it was decided to establish an Earthquake Coordination Committee within the body of the tent city and physically present two board members in the tent city every day. EGİAD Expressing his regret over the loss of many losses, his chairman Mustafa Aslan said, “It is our only consolation that we do not come out with such a strong earthquake with greater losses. Our only consolation is that we do not have more casualties. We are very sorry for the lost souls. There is an incredible Izmir solidarity. Anyone who comes from outside the city, who is supportive, gives hope. What can we do for our fellow countrymen who are now homeless, how we can produce solutions, we are working on it. We also have the same thoughts with them every day. "We are working with our soul, until they are leveled, this is our responsibility," he said.

Emphasizing that Izmir has passed a great test EGİAD President Aslan said, “EGİAD As we concentrate completely, we try to heal the wounds. EGİAD"We are ready to transfer the power of the earthquake victims".

We Will Lend Your Hands to Children

Aslan said that the greatest trauma of the earthquake is experienced by young children and reaching out to them is their biggest responsibility, and emphasized that children's activities and psychologist work to help overcome trauma are within the scope of their preparations.

This Earthquake Became a Turning Point in İzmir

Expressing that this earthquake is an important turning point regarding the course of İzmir, Aslan also stated that they can carry out earthquake studies together with universities in the regions where member businesses are located in the long term and said, “This earthquake will be one of the important milestones for İzmir. Just as the Izmir Fire was a turning point in history, this earthquake will create such a turning point. I hope it will be a turning point that does not reduce the favor to Izmir, provides lessons and ensures a structuring in accordance with the earthquake regulations. "Hand in hand, we will get through these days, too," he said.

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