Deputy Arık Asked Ankara Kayseri High Speed ​​Train Works

deputy arik ankara kayseri asked about high-speed train works
deputy arik ankara kayseri asked about high-speed train works

Republican People's Party Kayseri Deputy Çetin Arık asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu about the state of the Ankara-Kayseri High Speed ​​Train works. Stating that Kayseri has been waiting for YHT for 13 years, Arık said, “Mr. Minister, Kayseri wants to get the public investments it deserves; "He does not want to be deceived or deceived."

CHP Kayseri Deputy Çetin Arık, who spoke at the TBMM Plan and Budget Commission, where the budget of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was discussed, recalled the speech he made at the same commission three years ago and stated that the promises made to Kayseri were not kept. Expressing that the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure İsmail Adil Karaismailoğlu is the 3th Minister who pledged YHT to Kayseri, Arık said, "Mr. Minister, exactly three years ago, on Friday, 7 November 3, Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan ' I asked. 'When will the high-speed train you promised ten years ago arrive in Kayseri? The turtle that set off from Ankara reached Kayseri, but the high-speed train did not come to Kayseri. When will the high-speed train come to Kayseri? ' I asked. The answer of Mr. Minister is exactly as follows: 'It is important in terms of being recorded; the project is finished, we will have the tender for construction in December, I hope we will have completed it within three years. ' Mr. Minister, three years have passed. According to the Minister's statement, Kayseri would have already boarded the high-speed train, but there is neither a train nor a concrete step. Mr. Minister, Kayseri has been deceived and deceived by the government for thirteen years about high-speed trains. Exactly 2017 Presidents, 2 Prime Ministers, 3 Transport Ministers and numerous deputies promised Kayseri a high speed train. We learned that you will be in Kayseri at the weekend. You too will be the 6th Minister of Transport, promising high-speed trains. " said.

Like They Work Hard

Arık, who shared a report made during the period when AK Party Kayseri Deputy Mehmet Özhaseki was the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, stated that such news were made every election period and continued his explanations as follows: “Dear Minister, can you look at this headline on the newspaper? See, "Ankara-Kayseri will be an hour and a half." is called. This headline is given as a promise in Kayseri during every election period. Mr. Minister, I ask you again: When will the high-speed train arrive in Kayseri? This pose is the pose given in Kayseri in every election period, as if hard work, a lot of thought. But today, none of those in the Plan and Budget Committee have given this pose. Mr. Minister, we asked you in writing: "When will the high-speed train arrive in Kayseri?" he. Thank you, you answered with great sincerity, "The project is over, there is no money and we will do it if we can find outsourcing." you said. Mr. Minister, have you been able to find external resources? Kayseri expects a concrete answer from you. When will Kayseri take the high speed train? "

No Road But There Is An Award For The Mayor, No Line But There Is A Stop

Stating that the suburban lines promised to Kayseri in 2014 were made but there was no such line, Arık said, “When will my fellow citizens from Yeşilhisar come to Kayseri with the suburbs? Mr. Minister, Kayseri is the metropolitan city of Central Anatolia, but the high-speed train crosses Kayseri. A highway is being built between Ankara and Niğde, but Kayseri never comes to mind. When will a highway be built between Kayseri and Ankara, do you have such a project? "

Stating that it was said that Felahiye's Göğdere road was included in the 2018 investment program, but no work was carried out despite the end of 2020, Arık said, “The Göğdere road of our Felahiye district has turned into a snake story, it has never been done. Vural Coşkun, Mayor of Felahiye's AK Party, said, 'The project is over, the tender has been completed, has been included in the investment program of 2018.' he said. The year 2020 is ending, there is no road, there is no work, but local administrators receive awards for the Felahiye Mayor Göğdere road. Mr. Minister, Kayseri now wants to get the public investments it deserves; He does not want to be deceived or deceived. " he spoke.

Answering the questions, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu stated that, regarding the Kayseri Ankara YHT project, the survey project works for the Kayseri-Yerköy high-speed train line have been completed and the project has been included in the investment program to be carried out with external funding. (Source: Kayserinews)

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