Priority Staff for Those Disabled and Relatives of the Deceased

Priority Staff for Those Disabled and Relatives of the Deceased
Priority Staff for Those Disabled and Relatives of the Deceased

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer participated in the Teke Tek program presented by Fatih Altaylı on Habertürk Television. Mayor Soyer announced that they will employ a person in need from the families of those who lost their lives in the earthquake in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, and that they will primarily employ citizens who have become disabled due to the earthquake in their disabled staff.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, the guest of Teke Tek Special Program broadcasted live in İzmir, explained the roadmap they will follow in the framework of earthquake preparation with the rescue and aid works after the earthquake disaster in the city. Stating that despite the weight of the bill, he could talk about an earthquake with a cheap end on behalf of İzmir, “We take this as a warning. We have to do what is necessary for this warning. From now on, our first priority will be this issue. "We will make the budget's spending plan earthquake-oriented."

President Soyer stated that as of yesterday, a pool was created under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, engineers and architects from many institutions have gathered and started damage assessment studies, and that the damage assessment of 1238 buildings has been made and that these studies will continue very quickly.

All buildings built before 1999 will be examined

Sharing the determination that all the buildings collapsed during the earthquake were licensed between 1992 and 1999, President Tunç Soyer said, “As soon as this rush is over, we will make a determination about all the buildings built before 1999, the ground floors of which are business. We will demand legislation for demolition of dangerous buildings. We have always thought about urban transformation regarding unlicensed areas. However, the damage in the earthquake we experienced occurred in licensed buildings. So we have to break our routine. We will quickly start this work for our people to lead a safe life. This is not experienced with anxiety. Our first priority is earthquake. From now on, we will adjust our budget and institutional capacity accordingly. There is a need for a legal regulation. "We will bring our suggestions about this to the agenda."

A new science board

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer reminded that he established the Department of Public Health in the first month we were elected and that he established the Department of Earthquake months before that: “We were already continuing this work. We are now doing an earthquake workshop next week. The first is to reveal the seismicity of Izmir, the second is to determine the building stock of the buildings for earthquake preparation, and the third is to create earthquake awareness. We are establishing a new scientific board consisting of civil engineers, architects, geologists. During the pandemic period, we formed a crisis executive board. Now we are starting the same study regarding the earthquake. We don't just trust our own minds. We listen to scientists. "

Support from Edirne and Ardahan

Mayor Soyer stated that nearly 1800 tents were set up with the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and other institutions and said, “In the first 53 hours, incredible things were done. With a great mobilization, support comes from our district municipalities and surrounding municipalities. Our Edirne Mayor and Ardahan Mayor were also here today. This is truly an extraordinary spirit of solidarity that relieves our pain. God bless them all. "There is nothing we cannot handle," he said.

Anywhere in Turkey that do the work of 37 different AFAD teams, the first time the debris from under 55 people in Izmir Fire Brigade that the interests of the ACS team representing Soyer, is a question relating to that opened up to construction of the collection area in Izmir, she replied: "Izmir earthquake gathering spaces and We established tent cities at 24 points in green areas. Thank God, İzmir stood firm and determined on this issue in the period before us. The earthquake in Turkey had had a much more serious damage occurs elsewhere. "

A new support campaign

President Soyer thanked the people of İzmir for their extraordinary solidarity and said, “They take their food from their homes and bring them to share. There are extraordinary scenes. I am grateful to the people of Izmir. I am grateful to all those outside of Izmir who are shaken by this pain. I am grateful to the rescuers and mayors who came. I am grateful to the security guards and press members ”.

Mayor Soyer reminded that the people of İzmir showed an exemplary solidarity during the pandemic period and purchased 44 thousand food packages from the People's Bakkalı and that the Metropolitan Municipality delivered these packages to their owners and said, “Now we are starting a campaign again. We saw the support of Izmir's great volunteer people during the pandemic period, and I am sure we will see it again with the earthquake. They can participate in the campaign by coming to the page and purchasing aid packages within their power ”.

Employment support for the families of those who lost their lives

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer wished mercy to those who lost their lives in the earthquake and said: “We will employ a member of the families of the deceased in the municipality if they need it. In addition, we will employ our disabled citizens, who have become disabled during the earthquake, primarily from the disabled staff.

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