More Than 20 Thousand Saplings Met with Soil at Davraz Ski Center

Over a thousand saplings met with the soil at Davraz Ski Center
Over a thousand saplings met with the soil at Davraz Ski Center

Under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, under the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, as part of the "Today Saplings, Tomorrow Breath" campaign, over 11 thousand saplings were planted in 13 different afforestation areas in Isparta. Lavender and rose saplings also met with the soil within the scope of the event held at Davraz Ski Center.

The ceremony started at 11.11 at the afforestation area of ​​Davraz Ski Center, especially Governor Ömer Seymenoğlu, Egirdir Mountain Commando School and Training Center Commander Major General Emre Tayanç, Garrison Commander Colonel Mustafa Kahraman, Isparta Mayor Şükrü Başdeğirmen, ISUBU Rector Prof.Dr. İbrahim Diler, Isparta Regional Director of Forestry Refik Ulusoy, representatives of public institutions and organizations, representatives of non-governmental organizations, teachers and students.

In his speech at the ceremony, Governor Seymenoğlu stated that the pandemic process that has been going on for the last 8 months reminded the human beings once again that they cannot escape from nature and that they cannot move away from the soil.

Governor Seymenoğlu said, “As long as we respect the land, be sure that we can give the opportunity to raise our future generations in healthy and peaceful environments. Otherwise, this beautiful soil will be lost by erosion and natural disasters. It will also enclose us in stone buildings. We have seen the difficulties of this during the epidemic period we are experiencing in the short term. Our relatives and elders have always asked us to 'please do not close us at home'. This reminded us once again the importance of nature, of being outside. " said.

After the speeches, sapling planting started, the saplings were brought together with the soil by the Governor Seymenoğlu and the participants and life water was given.

At the ceremony, in addition to the lavenders that were started to be planted within the scope of the project to spread tourism to 12 months at Davraz Ski Center, 5 thousand lavender saplings were introduced to the soil. The lavenders that the students sewed with their tiny hands created images worth seeing. Governor Seymenoğlu helping the little ones sohbet and thanked the students for their work.

In a statement lavender sewing, so big, the lavender planted in the field in one piece is the first in Turkey and Davraz in so far 300 thousand square meters of space at 250 thousand lavender seedlings Governor SEYMENOĞLU said the other they are "the homeland of lavender is in Isparta. There are studies in other provinces, yes, we appreciate them, we support them, but they are in small pieces and between the ages of 3-5. We have 40-50 year old lavender gardens. Again, I repeat, the capital of medicinal and aromatic plants is Isparta. We, as the Governorship and all public institutions, support this. " said.

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