Çubuk-1 Dam Recreation Area Is Back in Its Old Days

rod dam recreation area is back to its old days
rod dam recreation area is back to its old days

Çubuk-29 Dam Recreation Area, which was opened by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş on October 1, Republic Day, became a frequent destination for citizens after years. In these days when the winter sun showed its face in Ankara, the people of Başkent flocked to Çubuk-1 Dam with their families and enjoyed the weekend.

Çubuk-29 Dam Recreation Area, which was opened by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş on the 97th anniversary of the October 1 Republic Day, has returned to its old days.

Çubuk-1 Dam Recreation Area, which dazzles with its renewed surroundings, playgrounds, Atatürk House, bicycle paths, activity and recreation areas, greenhouse, sports field, magnificent nature and every shade of green from its bar, has become a frequent destination for the citizens of the capital.


The Çubuk-1 Dam Recreation Area, which was the first dam of the Republican era and which was restored from top to bottom, was landscaped, attracted great interest from the capitalists at the weekend when the winter sun showed its face.

The Çubuk-413 Dam, which has an area of ​​1 thousand square meters, where the people of Başkent, who take the opportunity to have the weather, flock to them with their families, hosted a chirpy appearance. The dam, which citizens prefer to come with their children due to its historical importance as well as its proximity to the center; It was echoed by the voices of children playing and cycling.


The citizens who visited Seyir Hill, the highest point of the dam and visited Atatürk House, where photographs of the old period are exhibited, thanked Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who increases the number of green areas in the capital day by day.

Citizens whose childhood and youth passed through the dam gave full marks to the dam, which they visited again years later, and expressed their feelings with the following words:

  • Hilmi Emiroglu Simsek: "Today again I am proud to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey. I was delighted to see this beautiful work that the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk brought to our country. I find it difficult to express my feelings because Cu0mhuriyet the first 10 years of achievements koruyabils to Turkey that we have enough. Mansur, I thank the President. Here we see that the most beautiful work can be produced with the least budget. You can really see how a work is attributed to society. I recommend all citizens who want to be proud of their Turkishness to visit Çubuk-1 Recreation Area in Ankara. "
  • Shazi Musluoglu: “The restoration of Çubuk-1 Dam and its re-opening for the public was one of the best services for Ankara. It is very beautiful. I said to my lady that the one who revives this place is heavenly. Mansur, thank the President. Our president is a completely different person. "
  • Tulay Musluoglu: “We thank our President Mansur a thousand times for making us feel this happiness at this age. We always appreciate him. "
  • Hasan Arisoy: “We used to talk among friends that Çubuk Dam was idle and that it should be evaluated. It was also clear that no work was done on this subject. It was very useful to open the dam to the public as a recreation area rather than being idle. It was especially good to see Atatürk's works on site and show them to our children in terms of transferring them to future generations.
  • Acknowledgment Ülker: “Çubuk Dam was a place where we came to have a picnic in our childhood, but it remained idle for years. We are grateful to our Mansur President for making this place available to us. "
  • Hasan Erdogan: "I traveled almost the entire area on foot rather than driving around, I liked it very much."
  • Mehmet Sait Ozderen: “This place was a hidden paradise. Our childhood has always been around here. We have very good childhood memories. "
  • Turgay Turkyılmaz: “I have been in Ankara for many years. It was an inactive dam. As far as I can see now, it has become very beautiful, I was impressed. "
  • Reyhan Erdogan: “We came here to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We loved it very much, it was very beautiful. "
  • Zekiye Helvaci: “When I heard about the opening on October 29, I wanted to come. It was a wonderful place. "
  • Rasit Cengiz Evin: “A lot of effort has been made to restore the Çubuk Dam, the first dam of our Republic. We visited Atatürk House and Seyir Hill. Landscape is very beautiful. Camellias are very beautiful, parks are very beautiful, people are very happy.

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