6th Hearing Today in Çorlu Train Disaster: 'Evidence is Blackened'

6th Hearing Today in Çorlu Train Disaster
6th Hearing Today in Çorlu Train Disaster

The 25th hearing regarding the train disaster in which 6 people lost their lives in Tekirdağ Çorlu is being held today. Gökmen Yeşil, one of the lawyers of the case, said that the authorities wanted to obscure the evidence.

The 6th hearing of the train disaster in Tekirdağ Çorlu will be held today. TCDD 8st Regional Directorate in the case regarding the disaster in which 2018 people, 7 of them children, died on 25 July 238 and 1 citizens were injured Halkalı 14. Railway Maintenance Manager Turgut Kurt, Çerkezköy Road Maintenance and Repair Chief Özkan Polat, Bridges Chief Çetin Yıldırım and Line Maintenance and Repair Officer Celaleddin Çabuk will appear before the judge at Çorlu 10.00st High Criminal Court at 1.

One dayAccording to the news of Dilan Esen, Gökmen Yeşil, head of the Istanbul Branch of the Contemporary Lawyers Association, evaluated the process to BirGün. Saying that the evidence has been darkened by senior officials, Yeşil underlined that there is a long way to go.


Reminding that the demands for the trial of senior TCDD officials are still continuing, Yeşil drew attention to the expert report submitted to the court in recent weeks. Emphasizing that TCDD top managers were called 'flawed' for the first time in one of the reports prepared, Yeşil said:

“We received such a report after our complaints against practices such as obfuscating evidence and not prosecuting senior officials. It was said for the first time that 'top managers are flawed'. Of course, there are deficiencies in this report. The structure of the road was not evaluated in detail in the report, and the expert could not specify who was responsible as individuals. We are faced with a special and terrible resistance to the non-prosecution of public officials in such mass murders. In general, the government or the administration makes a special effort to prevent the high official public official from coming to trial. ''


Saying, “Aside from the trial of the principals who need to be tried in the file, the evidence has been blacked out,” Yeşil said, adding: “There was no area to be observed. We are in a very backward position as the evidence has been obscured and senior officials are not prosecuted. Lawsuits are filed against journalists, lawyers and families on the axis of the Çorlu case. The road maintenance officer who interferes with small things is on trial, but the main responsible are not on trial. New suspects can be identified and lawsuits can be filed. We are just at the beginning of the road. ''


Some of the remarkable statements in the new expert report that reached the 1st High Criminal Court of Çorlu are as follows:

  • The precipitation that occurred on the day of the accident is predictable.
  • The structure of the basin and farming in the field change the direction and path of the streambed over time and the demiyorlu slopes are not sheltered. This situation causes the culverts to fill up and their capacity to be insufficient.
  • The accident occurred when the ballast and filling layers under the rails and sleepers above the culvert were evacuated. This culvert faced with the flow from the three basins after the heavy rainfall before the accident due to the failure of the neighboring drainage structures to function.
  • Although TCDD and especially the R & D Department, Central and 1st Regional Railway Safety and Risk Management Directorates need to be aware of the global climate change, it is seen that they do not take into account the changes until the accident occurs in their risk analysis and do not recommend proactive measures, which are the main reason of risk analysis.

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