Smart Intersection Works Continues for Uninterrupted Transportation in Bursa

Smart intersection works are continuing for uninterrupted transportation in Bursa
Smart intersection works are continuing for uninterrupted transportation in Bursa

📩 30/11/2020 12:48

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues its smart intersection works, which it started to minimize the traffic problem in the city. With the smart intersection application launched in Çelebi Mehmet Boulevard, a 25 percent capacity increase will be achieved, while the waiting time will be reduced by 50 percent.

Smart intersection application works, initiated by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of ending the traffic problem and for more comfortable transportation, continue at key points of the city. The Metropolitan Municipality, making arrangements at 28 intersections in total, continues its work planning at 21 more intersections. Ata Bulvarı Sahil Street, Bülent Ecevit Nilüfer Cadde Çetin Emeç entrance, Derya Street exit, Acemler connection roads, Esentepe side road arrangement, Gürsu Cüneyt Yıldız Street, Kemer and Barbaros Avenues, Demirtaş Osmangazi Street and Hürriyet Street, Metropolitan Municipality continues its works on the U-turn in front of FSM Acıbadem, Namazgah Street and Kestel Uludağ Street.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which produces practical solutions for transportation, has started the smart intersection application in Çelebi Mehmet Boulevard, which is an alternative to Ankara and İzmir roads. With the intersection arrangement made at the 2nd Kanal Street intersection, the middle island will be removed and the four directions will be increased to 3 lanes with left turn pockets. In the construction of junction and connection roads, 700 meters of curbs, 900 square meters of parquet, 110 cubic meters of concrete, 180 cubic meters of excavation, 210 cubic meters of filling, 400 tons of pmt and 350 tons of asphalt will be made.

"Arrangement is planned in 21 intersections"

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who examined the asphalting works in Çelebi Mehmet Boulevard, received information from the authorities. Also with the citizens sohbet President Aktaş said that the traffic in the region will be relieved when the works are completed. Reminding that transportation is one of the most talked about topics in Bursa, Mayor Aktaş stated that they made important moves especially about transportation since the day they took office. Mayor Aktaş, who gave the good news that the moves will continue to increase after today, stated that in addition to the smart touches made at the intersections, new road works, bridge constructions, there are also moves in public transportation. Giving information about the work done so far, Mayor Aktaş said, “We have done 450 kilometers of hot asphalt work. We carried out 951 kilometers of surface coating, 238 thousand square meters of border, and 371 thousand square meters of pavement. While building 13 bridges to Bursa, we built 140 thousand meters of guardrails. While we built 1080 bus stops, we created 159 new bus lines. There are currently 10 park-go points in Bursa. The work we did at the crossroads also found a serious response. It seemed like we had a break for a while, but we will get even faster from today. We arranged a total of 28 intersections. The planning of the arrangements we will do at 21 junctions continues ”.

"Target, faster and steady traffic"

Stating that the traffic will be relieved with the work carried out in Çelebi Mehmet Boulevard, Mayor Aktaş said, “There is a serious density at the intersection especially during peak hours. After the arrangement, a 25 percent capacity increase will be achieved. Waiting times at the intersection will decrease by an average of 50 percent during peak hours. We will finish this place in a week and put it into the service of the citizen. Good luck to our neighborhood. Our work on FSM Boulevard will relieve the intersection there. We are starting the work at the Kestel intersection next week. We have tenders towards the end of the year. We did the extension work in Novices. We closed the entrance on the BUSKI side. We will soon have a tender for Hayran Caddesi's participation in the road. I believe that the work done will make the traffic faster and more regular. "May our work be beneficial."

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