President Seçer Examined Forum Interchange Construction

President Secer examined the forum floor intersection construction
President Secer examined the forum floor intersection construction

📩 29/11/2020 12:40

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer visited the construction site of the Forum Multi-Storey Intersection Project and got information from the engineers. The total length of the project, which is implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department, will be 706 meters.

The Forum Interchange Project, which started at the intersection of Hüseyin Okan Merzeci Boulevard and 20th Street, which is one of the points with the highest traffic density in Mersin at the beginning of November, is planned to be completed at the end of January and put into service of the people of Mersin. The project is now 30 percent complete.

Seçer: "We will complete our project here by the end of January"

Stating that they started the construction of the Forum Interchange with the beginning of November, President Seçer said:

“We are currently continuing intensely. We want to finish it in a very short time. We will complete our project here by the end of January. There is a 17-kilometer route on Okan Merzeci Boulevard from Hal Junction point to Üniversite Avenue. There is the Democracy Multi-Storey Crossroad, this is being built, again there is the Kuvayi Milliye Katlı Crossroad that we finished as soon as we came to the administration. Afterwards, Immigrant Multi-Storey Crossroad will be built. Again, in the area where Akbelen Cemetery is located, there is a study of Highways. It will also be in 2021. We aim to project Hal Junction next year, in 2021, make its tender and complete it in 2022. The construction we are already in will be completed within this year. It will be completed by January. When entering the new year. Then, we will transform the Göçmen Intersection into a multi-story crossroad in 2021. Later, we will also work on the Kipa Junction, which comes before the Egemenlik Junction. In other words, we will complete this 17-kilometer route with approximately 5 new-storey intersections at the end of our first term. The multi-level intersection to be built by Highways is also in this. It will be a very fast route in terms of traffic. "

"Urban traffic will be very relaxed with these projects we will realize"

President Seçer stated that they have made the Metro tender in GMK and that there will be intensive work there as well, “Before this intensive work, that is, before the Metro construction, we finish this route and ensure that the traffic flow on this route is more comfortable. Because with the start of construction there, the traffic on the East-West axis, in the city center, will be concentrated on Adnan Menderes Boulevard, Okan Merzeci Boulevard, and the 3rd Ring Road. In addition, we have now started the work on the 4th Ring Road. If we put it into operation, we think that there will be no traffic problems in the city center, in the East-West axis, during the construction of the Metro. We will also work in the area where the Hastane Caddesi, the Highways Building is located. Again, we plan to finish there until the end of this period, and the urban traffic will be very relieved with these works and projects we will realize ”.

Stating that they are also working on the North-South axis in the long term, Seçer said, “As you know, the Transportation Master Plan prepared in 2021 will be revised in 2015. Of course, these studies are carried out according to the results. We have to do these studies in accordance with the technique. Certain measurements should be made, there should be a Master Plan. Within the framework of the newly revised Master Plan, we will see what can be done, how we can make touches about the city center in the next medium term ”.

"We will have finalized this work by the end of January"

Stating that the total length of the Forum Interchange will be 706 meters and the depth of the sinking part will be 65 meters, Seçer said, “We will finalize this work by the end of January and I apologize to the people of Mersin for the inconvenience we have given to the environment during this period. But of course, everything is for the welfare of the people of Mersin, for a more peaceful city. They may experience such periodic, short-term problems, perhaps due to construction. Let them tolerate us. In this process, we will have important works on some main streets. Starting from Mezitli Cengiz Topel Street, Babel Junction, which we are renewing. We will now work on new models, new generation intersections. The road will be asphalt work. Road pavement work is currently in progress on Hastane Caddesi. With the arrival of winter in the Taurus Mountains, the Mediterranean, Tarsus, Anamur and many districts, we have shifted the work of our road asphalt unit to the center, mostly in rural areas, mountain foothills and group roads. Mersin has such a nice feature. Road asphalt works or construction works can continue for 12 months in this region. In the winter months, it can provide opportunities to work on the plain or close to the sea. Our work will continue for 7 months, 24/12, ”he said.

"Apart from the city center, we attach importance to road comfort in areas with rural neighborhoods"

Referring to Mersin as a large region, Seçer said, “It is an area of ​​16 thousand square kilometers. The decision of the Assembly, which is our jurisdiction at the moment, is the total amount of our road network legally connected to us, approximately 5 thousand kilometers. This is his face. Of course, if you include land roads and forest roads that do not belong to us, or are not under our responsibility, this figure goes well over 5 thousand kilometers and is a production area. We attach importance to road comfort not only in the centers, but also outside the city center, in areas with rural neighborhoods. We do it with the logic that producers deliver their products to the market in a healthy way ”.

"We brought all the latest technology machinery and equipment used in road and asphalt construction to our road asphalt unit.

Stating that they revised the Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department in terms of both human resources and equipment, Seçer said, “We allocate important resources, significant figures are used by this department within the budget. Art structures, as in the construction we are in here, spend important work and efforts on infrastructure, superstructure and zoning, from bridge crossroads to culvert bridge constructions, road asphalt works, pavement works. Our new 139 construction machines are partially delivered. It includes graders, rollers, robot patching machines, and trucks. We have brought the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment used in road and asphalt construction to our road asphalt unit. We do good work. I also thank my friends. They are showing really good work. They also please us, they also please our citizens. I hope we will do much better work. "We will do much more successful services."

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