Antalya Metropolitan's 2021 Budget Announced

Boutique of Antalya Buyuksehirin has been announced
Boutique of Antalya Buyuksehirin has been announced

The draft budget of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality for 2, determined as 950 billion 2021 million liras, was unanimously approved by the council members. In the budget, 1 billion 174 million TL was allocated to investment.

The continuation meeting of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council was held in November. At the meeting where 67 agenda items were discussed, the 2021 performance report of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and the 2021 draft budget were unanimously approved.


The 2021 Performance Report of the Metropolitan Municipality was accepted with the yes vote of all party groups in the November continuation assembly held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mehmet Hacıarifoğlu. Deputy Chairman Hacıarifoğlu said, “Our 2021 budget is good for our Antalya. We thank all our political parties for their support ”.


At the meeting, the 2021 draft budget of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality was unanimously accepted. Before the party group heads expressed their opinions in the budget negotiations, Parliamentary Planning and Budget Committee President Oktay Başaran gave information about the 2021 draft budget. Başaran stated that the 2021 budget was submitted to the parliament as 2 billion 950 million TL expenditure and 2 billion 950 million TL income budget, and stated that while the revenue budget was created, 522 million 500 thousand TL borrowing was achieved through open financing.


Emphasizing that 3 million TL, which corresponds to 450 percent of the 2020 budget submitted to the parliament as 22 billion 736 million TL, is financed by external borrowing, Başaran said, “In the 2021 budget, 522 million borrowing is envisaged, and its ratio to the budget is 18 percent. I would especially like to state that the borrowing has been reduced by 2020 percent compared to the 3 budget. In 2021, 522 million domestic and foreign loans were spoken, 322 million of which were foreign loans. A loan of 3 million is foreseen for the purchase of Light Rail System 100 wagons. The remaining 200 million is planned to be used for 10 percent debt provision as in every period ”.


Stating that the investment budget has increased despite the numerical decrease in the 2021 budget, Başaran said, “It is obvious that there is no shrinkage, but an increase of 8 percent. Namely, the investment budget for 2020 is 1 billion 517 million. 536 million of this is for the Light Rail System 3, other investments are 981 million TL and its ratio to investment expense is 65 percent. In 2021, our investment budget is 1 billion 174 million. Again, the purchase of wagons for the Light Rail System is predicted to be 322 million. Our other investments are 852 million and their ratio to investment expenses is 73%. "There is neither a reduction in the budget nor a reduction in investments," he said.


"Unless sent by the municipality to the central government in terms of share of all municipalities in Turkey, voicing Basaran can not provide cash cycle, one of the fragility of the municipalities also stated that external debt and foreign currency loans increases. Başaran said, "I would like to use it for investments so that we could borrow in TL instead of 270 million Euros and the burden of our municipality would not double due to the increase in exchange rates."


Following the statements of Oktay Başaran, Chairman of the Plan and Budget Committee, regarding the draft budget, political parties sözcüHe expressed his views on the advanced budget. After the budget negotiations, the draft budget of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality for 2021 was unanimously approved as 2 billion 950 million TL. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council has also approved the 19 budgets of 2021 district municipalities.

ASAT'S BUDGET FOR 2021 1.653.146 TL

After the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council, the ASAT General Assembly was also held. The 2021 Fiscal Year Expense Budget of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality ASAT General Directorate was accepted as 1 billion 653 million 146 thousand TL. The largest share of ASAT budget expenditures was 735 million TL and current expenditures for investment with 45 percent.

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