AFAD's Heroes Described Their Life-Saving Activities in Izmir Earthquake

Afadin heroes talked about their life-saving activities in Izmir earthquake
Afadin heroes talked about their life-saving activities in Izmir earthquake

📩 15/11/2020 12:22

Kahramanmaraş Disaster and Emergency Directorate Search and Rescue Team, who participated in the search and rescue activities in the earthquake in İzmir, is happy to rescue 3 people from 5 layers of debris thanks to the life triangle.

Kahramanmaraş AFAD Provincial Director Aslan Mehmet Coşkun said that as soon as they heard about the earthquake in İzmir, they made their preparations and departed to the disaster area with a 5-person team via a military plane over Diyarbakır.

Coşkun stated that they came to Doğanlar Apartment after they reached the area and continued to work here with a team of 200 people, and stated that they first rescued Elzem and Seher Perinçek from the debris, and after a while they removed the lifeless body of Umut Perinçek from the same family.

Coşkun stated that 15 people were rescued from the wreckage and the dead bodies of 15 people were reached during the works, and stated that serious lessons should be learned from the earthquake in Izmir as in every incident they took part in.

Çoşkun made the following assessment: “Although the 7-storey building we work in collapsed in a cake form, people can still survive under the rubble. Although there were 2 floors of debris on the 5nd floor of the apartment building, there was a gap in the room due to the sofa, and thanks to this life triangle, 3 people could hold on to life. The triangle of life is sufficiently large gaps to survive under debris. Another noteworthy issue is the rate at which our young children are removed alive from the debris compared to adults. The important point here is due to their small size. The 'snap-close-hold' movement also saves lives in the earthquake. We can increase our chances of life by reducing our surface area by closing.

Kahramanmaraş AFAD Search and Rescue Team Supervisor Gökhan Çayır stated that on the third day of the earthquake, a signal started to be received from the phone of Seda Dinçer, a university student, and that the expert team reached Dinçer's lifeless body after the location was detected.

Çayır described that moment as follows: Our brother Seda was on the second floor. We were able to reach him in the stairwell. Most likely, he was caught in debris while escaping from the earthquake. Here we have seen how important it is not to panic and stay calm during the earthquake because we have seen that we are at least more likely to survive by doing a 'crash-snapping' movement next to an item we trust during the earthquake. Probably, our brother Seda tried to throw himself out as soon as possible in panic. Earthquake caught in the stairwell.

Çayır pointed out that it would be possible to survive with less damage in the event of an earthquake, and said that the injuries in the earthquake were caused by the falling of objects or pieces of concrete on people while they were running around in panic.

Search and Rescue Technician İsmail Sağır stated that it is vital that people who are under the debris after the earthquake use their energy well without panic.

Stating that those who are under the wreckage should wait without shouting and shouting until the outside noise comes, Sağır stated that they will not be weak, and that those outside should stay away from situations that prevent rescue and medical teams.

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