Pledge to Investigate PPP Projects Called Deli Dumrul Projects

Minister Elvandan examination promise to koi projects such as hospital highway and bridge
Minister Elvandan examination promise to koi projects such as hospital highway and bridge

Treasury and Finance Minister Lütfi Elvan said that they will examine PPP projects such as hospitals, highways and bridges, which are guaranteed in dollars, with a rational method.

According to the news of Erdoğan Süzer from SÖZCÜ; “There were complaints in the Parliament against the bridges that the public did not cross, the highway they did not use, and the public-private cooperation (PPP) projects that made them pay in dollars for the airport they did not use. Taking note of the complaints one by one, Treasury and Finance Minister Lütfi Elvan promised to examine the projects made with the PPP method in a rational and healthier way and act accordingly.

During the negotiations on the 2021 budget proposal of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the most intense complaint to the new Minister Elvan came for PPP projects. In the meetings held at the Parliament's Plan and Budget Committee, the deputies demanded that PPP contracts, which started to be referred to as 'Deli Dumrul projects', were made public, and the payments be converted from foreign currency to TL. The members of parliament also demanded that secret contracts explain the amount of foreign currency debt the public is under and that the contracts be changed for the public interest.

Minister Elvan, on the other hand, stated that guarantee payments are made by the state to projects such as the Osmangazi Bridge, which are guaranteed to pass vehicles, but that the number of passing vehicles is constantly increasing. For this reason, Elvan stated that there will be no need to make continuous high guarantee payments for 15 years.


Elvan said: “Of course, we have to scrutinize and scrutinize the PPP investments. We have an extremely solid and strong team on both the Strategy Budget Department and the Treasury side. I have already stated that certain limits have been set for 2021. We will examine, evaluate and act accordingly with our friends in a more rational and healthier approach. "


CHP Deputy Abdüllatif Şener said, “The future load of the city hospitals on the public is 820 billion TL, and the load of Osmangazi Bridge is 100 billion TL. Passing from Osmangazi Bridge is 40 dollars. It makes 308 liras for TL. 118 lira of this amount is paid by those who cross the bridge, 190 lira to the state budget. Since 14 million 600 thousand vehicles are guaranteed to pass a year, it is worth about 22 billion dollars in 13 years. This is 100 billion TL. He said, "Not one, but 100 bridges will be built for 100 billion liras." IYI Party Deputy Erhan Usta said, “Mr. Minister, look for the sake of Allah, there is a great profiteering here. You must definitely amend these contracts, ”he said.

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