When Covid-19 Vaccine Is Found, Will The Pandemic Eradicate?

When the covid vaccine is found, will the pandemic disappear?
When the covid vaccine is found, will the pandemic disappear?

Stating that the vaccine studies carried out to combat Covid-19, which is effective worldwide, are promising. Dr. Tayfun Uzbay said that if the vaccine to be found was effective, it could be easier to control the epidemic.

Prof. Dr. Tayfun Uzbay said, “The pandemic does not cut like a knife and disappear within a few months. However, if a useful and effective vaccine emerges, it becomes very easy to control it first.

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine, Head of Internal Medical Sciences Department, Advisor to the Rector, NPFUAM Director Prof. Dr. Tayfun Uzbay said that the studies on the Covid-19 vaccine, both in our country and in the world, are promising.

Knowing the enemy makes it easier to develop strategies

Prof. Dr. Tayfun Uzbay stated that vaccine studies have been going on for a long time and said, “Vaccination studies were carried out for this type of viruses before. The world also had the foresight and preparation for such a virus pandemic (some unfortunately combined this with conspiracy theories). In short, there was already a good infrastructure and advanced technology in vaccine technology against this type of virus infection in the world. Covid-19 was diagnosed in a short time and all its features were revealed. If you know the enemy, it is very easy to strategize against him. Therefore, it is normal and expected for vaccination studies to come to the point we are in within a year. In many interviews I gave at the beginning of the pandemic, I already talked about the high probability of the vaccine being ready around these dates. "I find the vaccines to be used now, very promising for the control of the pandemic," he said.

Vaccine studies consist of various phase phases

Noting that the time required for a vaccine to be scientifically accepted is not fixed, but variable. Dr. Tayfun Uzbay made the following evaluations regarding the general process of vaccination studies:

“This duration is variable, not fixed. It depends on the microorganism causing the disease and how ready the technological infrastructure you will develop against it. However, no matter what strategy you use to produce vaccines, there are some stages you must pass. The road to vaccination begins with the isolation of the virus and then with in vitro (outside the body) and in vivo (on living organisms) animal studies. We can call these the pre-clinical period. First of all, it should be seen that the vaccine candidate provides good protection in experimental animals without causing any striking side effects or reactions. If he has achieved this, studies on the human, which we call the clinical stage, begin. This consists of various phases in which the number of people tried is increasing and eventually protective capacity is determined in a wider population of people in different regions and centers.

It can be used widely in the world

Stating that several vaccines, which are currently being talked about in the world, seem to have successfully completed these processes, Prof. Dr. Tayfun Uzbay said, “In the next stages, it can be used in widespread use by obtaining a license. So far, the Russian Ministry of Health has licensed a vaccine they produce and is used in Russia. It is gratifying and promising to achieve protection rates of 90% in a large number of subjects, especially with a reliable method that we call double-blind control ”.

vaccine studies in Turkey also gives hope

Referring to Prof. vaccine studies in Turkey Dr. Typhoon Uzbay, said: "Turkey with about 6 months of vaccines currently licensed to receive up to 1 year behind schedule. TÜBİTAK gathered the groups working on vaccines under one roof. This can speed up the process. However, in a few months time in Turkey it seems difficult to put into widespread use, such as in Russia, confirming its vaccine. However, it is currently the most promising vaccine projects, which we call the stage Phase III as far as I know well, including Turkey's Hacettepe and Istanbul University. This may provide an advantage for our easy and cheap supply of the vaccine that is on the market. Adequate doses may not be available for a widespread vaccination in the first place. In this process, it can be applied to those who perform critical duties such as health personnel, police, soldiers and some high-risk people. It is especially important to protect healthcare personnel. I think it will take a little longer to apply common to the public. It all depends on the amount of dose to be produced and in what conditions it will be offered to you. Even if there is enough dose, the high price can be restrictive, but I do not think the price will be kept high. "

The pandemic does not disappear immediately

Noting that if the Covid-19 vaccine is available, if it is effective, it can be easier to control the epidemic. Dr. Tayfun Uzbay said, “The pandemic does not cut like a knife and disappear within a few months. However, if a useful and effective vaccine emerges, it becomes very easy to control it first. Supply of adequate dose and widespread vaccination are the influential factors here. The longer the vaccine provides protection and the more people it can be administered, the shorter the pandemic's elimination time. "It is difficult to give a certain amount of time right now."

Most vaccine opponents will also get Covid-19 vaccine

Stating that in the Covid-19 process, anti-vaccine opponents were silent. Dr. Tayfun Uzbay said, “In Covid-19, the voice of the vaccine opponents gasped. They know they will get a lot of reaction. When an effective vaccine emerges, I think most of them will definitely have their vaccinations and continue their activities after the pandemic is over. Vaccine opposition feeds on different sources. Unfortunately, there are also scientists trying to use this and become popular. "What happens to ignorant people" he said.

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