What is Dog Mammary Disease and How Is It Treated?

What is dog udder disease and how is it treated?
What is dog udder disease and how is it treated?

Hidradenitis suppurativa, known as dog udder disease, occurs with recurrent, painful, foul-smelling and runny pimples and boils-like swelling seen around the nipples, armpits, groin area, genital area, hip and anus where there are dense hair and sweat glands. It is an inflammatory disease that seriously affects the quality of life and can lead to movement restrictions in the affected area if it is not treated. At the beginning, the diagnosis of the patients is delayed because it appears as a simple acne or a boil and these findings can regress with various treatments. Studies have shown that these patients may be delayed for up to 7 years to be diagnosed with canine breast disease. Patients who have had two or more swelling in their armpits, groin, hips and under breasts in the last 6 months should definitely go to a dermatologist.

Who Is Affected With Dog Mammary Disease?

Dog udder disease is seen in one out of every 100 people in the society. The incidence in women is 2 to 5 times higher than in men. Canine udder disease may develop in one in three people with first degree relatives with canine udder disease. Apart from genetic predisposition, the unit in the hair gland becomes blocked due to various reasons such as excessive weight, friction, sweating, smoking and microbes, and an inflammatory reaction begins, including the immune system.

How Is Canine Mammary Disease Treated?

Complete treatment can be provided in patients with early diagnosis. As the process prolongs, permanent damage occurs in the affected area. Early diagnosis and early treatment is extremely important. To our patients; We recommend that they maintain their ideal weight, stop smoking, permanently destroy the hairs in the affected areas with laser-like applications, control sweating, and avoid wearing tight, squeezing and friction clothing. Apart from these preventive measures, we use various antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin A derivative drugs and new generation drugs that regulate the immune system. Dog udder disease is a disease that can be controlled with these preventive measures and medical treatments.

Is Nutrition Important in Dog Mammary Disease? What Should Patients Pay Attention To?

Weight control is extremely important in these patients. We do not recommend that they consume foods such as pizza, hamburgers, pastries, desserts that can rapidly increase insulin release and lead to insulin resistance. We advise them to stay away from the Western diet and to eat in accordance with the Mediterranean cuisine. We want these patients to stop smoking. Psychiatric support is also required from time to time in these patients, as it causes serious impairments in quality of life.

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