Domestic Car TOGG, Turkey to Make Contribution to the Technological Accumulation

tOGGer the technological know-how will make the floor turkiyenin
tOGGer the technological know-how will make the floor turkiyenin

Istanbul Chamber of Industry Chairman Erdal gardener, highlighting Turkey's domestic automobile project is of strategic importance tOGGer "TOGG, is more than the domestic automobile manufactures. Turkey will contribute to the technological experience. As ISO, we are ready to do our part for TOGG in supporting domestic technology production ”.

TOGG GurcanTurkoglu Karakas, CEO: "nativism rate in passenger cars varies between 19,6 percent and 66,3 percent in Turkey. In TOGG, we aim to start production with 51 percent local and transform the supplier industry in the following three years and target 68 percent domestic content. "

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) in November regular meeting of the Assembly of Turkey "Cars Initiative Technology, R & D and Design Importance for us and our economy Industry" was conducted by video conference via the digital platform with the main agenda. In his opening speech made by ICI Chairman Erdal gardener ISO Assembly of online meeting, Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) CEO GurcanTurkoglu Karakas attending as a guest evaluations found on the agenda.

In his speech, Erdal Bahçıvan, Chairman of the Board of ICI, drew attention to the fact that the most severe of the radical transformation experienced in almost every sector in terms of technology is experienced in the automobile industry, and that the innovations in the next 5-10 years will be much greater than the progress in the past 50 years. In this great transformation; Emphasizing that autonomous driving and electric vehicles lead the way, Bahçıvan said: “Cars turn into smart computers that communicate with their environment. We are talking about a world where the internet is not in the car but the car itself is on the internet. Therefore, as our cities, homes and factories get smarter, our car turns into a living space. We are approaching a period where literally everything is intertwined, everything is connected, step by step. In a period when the roles in the global automotive industry are being redefined, our country has pressed the button to bring the domestic automobile brand to life ”

TOGG, an important milestone in the development of our automotive industry

TOBB material and Domestic Car Project which owns spiritual tOGGer, the industrialists also have strategic importance, underlining that rate he as one of the projects gardener, Turkey's automobile, a global of said they believe wholeheartedly that adapt to the structural changes expected automotive sector. Stating that the Ministry of Industry and Technology also supports this project, Bahçıvan continued his words as follows:

"We believe that Turkey's Cars Initiative Group is an important milestone towards the development of the automotive industry. Working with local suppliers in this project; It is of great importance in terms of both establishing a sustainable supply chain and increasing domestic added value. Our experiences, "Turkey's Car" by bringing together our country and it is time for the creation of added value. Our technology know-how in Turkey, Car project also pave the way for many other sectors, will also igniter. Technology producing, exporting technology in creating a Turkey trip will be an important milestone in the move. 'Turkey's Car' project, is more than the domestic automobile manufactures. Turkey will contribute to the technological experience. Accompanied by this understanding, Turkey's Automotive We are ready to fulfill our duty in the project process. "

Fundamental steps were taken for a sustainable green economy

Emphasizing that the understanding that attaches importance to the environment in the automotive industry has become a priority issue, Bahçıvan said, “The negative effects of fossil fuel cars on the environment, the decrease in fossil fuels after a certain period of time, the fluctuation of oil prices too much accelerate the developments regarding electric cars. In addition, the decline in electric car prices and the establishment of adequate charging infrastructure are another reason that increases the number of these vehicles. With China, the world's largest automobile market, followed by countries such as the UK, Germany, Norway and France, which announced that they will ban the use of gasoline and diesel vehicles in the near future, the spread of electric cars will undoubtedly accelerate. In summary; The automotive sector is taking very radical steps in terms of adaptation to the Sustainable Green Economy. In this context, automotive companies competing for competitive advantage and countries aiming to climb up in automotive production; "The first step to be taken should be to further strengthen its activities in the field of design and R&D that can catch up with the trends in the industry."

Karakaş: "We will start with a 51 percent localization rate"

In his speech, TOGG CEO Gürcan Karakaş emphasized the role of TOBB in the integration of “babayiğit” organizations by saying “If there was no TOBB, this project would not exist”. Karakas, intellectual and industrial property rights 100 percent of Turkey "free and independent" is to be in tOGGer regarding the local content of "Industry and Technology Ministry, according to data in our country passenger cars varies between cars at 19,6 percent and 66,3 percent local content of the . In other words, 60 percent has been reached in 66 years. At TOGG, we aim to start production with 51 percent with a supply industry that does not have experience in electric vehicle production, and by transforming the supplier industry in the following three years, we aim at a domestic content ratio of 68 percent.

101 percent of 75 suppliers are TAYSAD members

Giving information about the developments in the sector and the situation at TOGG, Karakaş said: “We have completed the supplier selection. Of the 101 suppliers, 75 percent is domestic, the majority of which are TAYSAD member organizations, and 25 percent are organizations from all over the world. We signed an agreement with Farasis, who proved itself for the battery, perhaps the most important part of the electric vehicle. When we cannot get it from domestic supply, we have to buy the best from almost there. We have examined 200 start-ups so far and started working with 9 of them. We will have a 1,2 thousand square meter facility on a total of 175 million square meters of land in Gemlik and will create employment for 4.300 people. Since we are in the earthquake zone while constructing our facilities, 50 ground reinforcement columns have been produced using enough cement to build two 17-storey skyscrapers. The number of these columns built under the ground will reach 500 thousand. We are also setting up Europe's cleanest facility in terms of low carbon footprint and volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions. Our facility, which has an annual capacity of 41 thousand vehicles, will have a total production of 175 million by 2032. C-Sedan and Hatchback, B-SUV and light commercial vehicle will be produced in the years following our C-SUV vehicle.

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